Four Cats. A Fable

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The neighbors finally heard her. Why should we have such annoying creatures marauding in the neighborhood? They wondered.

Everybody wondered why this or why that, but nobody seemed to be willing to do something about anything.

Well, somebody had actually done something. A woman had heard de meowing when she was getting home from work. She thought to herself, I must do something about this! So she called her husband and her two sons; they ambushed the scared, fearful kittens, which were really dirty by the way.

Meanwhile, their mother was worried to death, looking for her babies.

The rescuing family had fed her babies, had given them a bath, and had put them in an open drawer, over soft and warm towels. They were not able to listen to their momma or reply to her plea.

Had they not “rescued” the kittens, her momma would have found them already, but they had to do something; they could not help it. And the consequences were terrible, for the queen cat would not see her princes and princesses again. A family was broken because a woman had felt she had to help those kittens, when she knew nothing about cats.

Now the problem had grown bigger.

After an hour or two, the babies began to miss their mother again. The meowing was back; this time louder and more desperate. The smell of shampoo and of the drops of milk which had spilt over their coats made them more confused and afraid: Now our mother will not recognize us! She will think we are some different cats! They were really worried. In spite of their concerns, their instinct told them they should continue crying, and so they did, and as loud as they could.

The family was not able to sleep. But they would not kick the four little ones out, definitely not. Perhaps the mother is around, the woman thought. Perhaps I was wrong and I should have let them in the street, so their momma would find them. The woman did not know what to do then.

Two more days went by, and they were all feeling really tired in the house, both humans and cats. The woman remembered there was an old lady in the neighborhood who knew everything about cats. She put the kitties in a box and went knock at her door.

The old lady’s name was Agatha. She was really happy to see the kittens were fine. It turned out she had asked a neighbor to pick up their mother from the street. Now the family could be reunited, but it was not that simple. I know what to do, dear, said Agatha, as she pointed at a room where the kittens would stay until their mother would accept them again (which did happen after a couple of days, and they all became a happy company).

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What would you say is the moral of this story?

Thanks for reading.

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