Just a Proud Mother Trying Her Best

in children •  10 months ago

my meggie 2.jpeg

For the Love of Academics:

A few months ago I received some amazing news from the school that my daughter is currently attending: My daughter had been invited as one of a selected few students in South-Africa to go on a Academic tour abroad. And just what exact was this mother, gleaming with pride to do, when the financial implications of this trip amounted to so much more that I could afford?

Well I could take it on the chin and call a "NO GO"


I could find a way to make it happen!

And I chose the road of endeavor:

my meggie 4.jpeg

In one of my earlier posts I reached out to my Steemit community for aid, and because of the amazing support they showed me as well as other combined efforts on the home front I have so far managed to rake in a total of about R 11000.00 (+/- 996USD) and with this I was able to pay the initial deposit as well as have a bit spared to put towards the next installment due.

But my quest is far from over!

The total that I still need to gather is R 44 900.00 (+/- 3900 USD) in order to make this amazing experience a reality for my daughter Meggan, and until I do, I will not stop trying, because believe me when I say - she deserves to go, and she has put in so much dedication and hard work to achieve and maintain the criteria upon which the invite was extended. Every single ounce of her efforts, shine through in her achievements.

Just a Proud Mother:

As a delightfully proud mother I can say that I have always wanted to give my daughter the world if I could, but right now I will settle for showing her the world. If you would like to find out more about the tour, or have a gander at some of the amazing achievements that she has accomplished feel free to visit:


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Congratulations to your child. It's an opportunity, many like to have such scholarship, but they couldn't. Congratulation once again congratulation


Thank you so very much!

No one can be prouder than the mother. Congratulations mom and daughter. You have my fervent prayers and upvote. God bless!


Thank you ever so much @jap60, I really do appreciate your prayer, your lovely compliment and your encouragement!

May love and blessings tile your road ahead!

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@clayboyn you are the best.

@yabapmatt you have my witness vote

you have done the honorable work is very noble


Thank you, I try!

When you put Word Mother , then everything is worth trying :)


That is very true!

Just in the last 24 hours, I have read two posts about this community surrounding someone that needed help. It's amazing what people will do to help others! I hope your daughter can go on this amazing trip.


The Steemit community and all its members are really great like that, we are so blessed to be a part of something so amazing! Thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment.

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Oh wow, thank you so much @clayboyn.

I have also put in my vote for @themarkymark .

Really appreciate the great job that you are doing for the Steemit communiy


Just a pleasure!!

Hope you have a spectacular eve!

It's amazing what us mothers can achieve for our children. All the best and I'm sure you will make it happen.


Thank you so much, I really do hope so!

It is so great to see you fighting so hard to make this opportunity happen for her. It is also pretty cool to see the Steemit community rallying around. I know it isn't much, but I hope my small contribution attracts more giving!


Thank you so much, yes - the Steemit community is absolutely amazing!and believe me, every bit helps more than you can imagine! Thanks for the support!


I wasn't sure if I could call @thundercurator to someone else's post. Glad to see it worked!


Oh wow, thank you so very much! Your efforts really mean the world to me!

Truly is amazing that she is going to experience this. All of us in the thundercloud wish the best in your endeavors and are rooting for your family.

That being said…


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Thank you so much @thundercurator! Your kind words and support is truly appreciated

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That is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!

Congratulations to your child...


Thank you so much!