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Good Day Steemians...

It's nice to be back, its been few days since I was active and now Im back to rock your world again 😂😂😂.

Looking back to my childhood day's was a satisfying moment of my time. No problem's could destroy your happiness, no hurtache can feel you broken and down. A kind of kids that living through the light , living in a moment where your face is full of satisfaction. No worries and sadness strike, only you and the friends and the world. Anyone of us was dreaming to get back the past for just one time to let experience how happy you are that day. Where your childhood day's started and Im the one too, to experience again but I know It would'nt be happen again cause we are facing the reality that we get old and soon to die. Even though, Im so thankful to God for letting me experience how my childhood day's was perfect and exciting.
This picture was part of my memories during my childhood days. According to my mother this picture captured last 1995, so its been many years past since this good moment we have of my cousin. We look so cute and adorable 😊 are we? Can you find me where am I from this picture😁. These kids I was with are my cousin. I still remember this day, during the family celebration cause it was my Grandmother and my Grandfather Silver wedding anniversary.
Have you already found me on the picture? Yes Im the girl wearing white shirt and yellow short. Look at me , I really dont know why should my posture being like this, sounds funny. Until now , I still smile when I remembered this picture. If you noticed I pulled up my short its because the photographer told us to smile but I feel shy. The photographer keep on telling us to smile for the best shot but I never do it. I was shy so this,is the result.😂😂
I was 6 years old of this picture, my brother beside me is 4 years old . We are to young and cute before☺, childhood experience is awesome, you are free to play and free from worries. This is the best day of my life, you dont have to think everything just you and the world.

God bless steemians


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This is your friend
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Happy to see u back steeming inday cheche

Hahaha..thanks cin.

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Welcome back my friend,
Nice to see you again

Thanks te..really miss you guys.