From Childhood to Adolescence

in childhood •  20 days ago

A child forms an emotional bond with the members of his family, and the strength of this bond is based on the quality of his interactions with family members.

childhood to adolescence ile ilgili görsel sonucuImage

Another thing is that the child needs certain role models.

In their lives, how strong and ambitious people as well as how sensitive and insightful will be shown that one would say equally important.

It is not reasonable to expect a child with such a partnership to be a model for both, as people tend to establish their relationship based on completeness between their characters, their characters.

childhood to adolescence ile ilgili görsel sonucuImage

We learn from the various studies that the children of single parent families tend to lack certain social skills depending on the characteristics of their parents and their relationships with the parent.

When it comes to parenting, the person cannot do the job reliably for two people.

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