Famed Humanitarian and Child Advocate Peter Dalglish Charged with Child Rape

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In the peaceful farming village of Kartike, tucked away in the mountains outside of Kathmandu, residence expressed shock and disbelief that the well-known, and well-liked, Canadian had been preying on local Nepalese children.

On April 8th 2018, Peter Dalglish's upscale mountain hideaway was raided and he was arrested by Nepalese police on suspicion of pedophilia. At the time of his arrest he was in the company of two minor boys aged 14 and 12.

In May 2018, "humanitarian" Peter Dalglish was officially charged with child rape.

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Globe & Mail

According to the Pushkar Karki, head of Nepal’s Chief Investigation Bureau, 5 other foreigner men have been arrested in Nepal on allegations of sexual abuse of minors. In some cases the accused also having connections to charities working inside the impoverished nation.

“There have been some instances where they were found working with charities,” he said, noting that several of the men informally offered money, food and clothing to children.

“Our laws aren’t as strict as in foreign countries, and there is no social scrutiny like in developed countries.”

NY Times

It certainly would appear that child predators seek out regions lacking robust legal infrastructure and these places, more often then not, tend to be the impoverished nations of the world.

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NGOs and Child Sexual Abuse

The Indian Express

In recent memory, several prominent aid agencies have been embroiled in their own sex abuse scandals involving women and children.

In 2011, it was reported that UN peacekeepers regularly engaged
in a practice known as ‘food for sex’ while part of the peace keeping mission in Haiti. The UN soldiers were part of a humanitarian effort to revive the Caribbean nation after the devastating earthquake of 2010 that killed over 100,000 Haitians.

More recently, Oxfam was rocked by the news that a former country director in Haiti with the NGO had paid for prostitutes at his home during the humanitarian mission. Furthermore, during the subsequent investigation three other Oxfam staff members had issued threats and used intimidated witnesses in the affair.

Ultimately, Oxfam Great Britain was banned from operating in Haiti. The official 2011 report and investigation into the conduct of Oxfam staff, may be masking more systemic abuse within the organization.

See Disobedient Media & Steemit article by - @elizbethleavos

In The Wake Of Oxfam, Has 'Humanitarian Aid' Become A Euphemism For Oppression?

The heart of the problem is that non-governmental organizations are by definition unaccountable to the public that funds them and impervious to those they 'serve,' as humanitarian groups operate amongst devastated populations with near impunity.

These high profile cases cast a shadow over international humanitarian efforts which provide desperately needed aid and relief to devastated regions. Unfortunately, individuals and/or groups working with NGOs are taking advantage of women and children in precarious situations by further victimizing the survivors of disasters and war.

In a similar vein, long time child advocate Peter Dalglish established a charity in the mountain village of Kartike, Nepal.
Dalglish had been living in Nepal off-and-on for nearly 15 years and after the country suffered its own devatating earthquake in 2015 he began to focus more of his humanitarian work in the region.

Grooming the Community

Those that prey on societies most vulnerable often mask their activity by endearing themselves to the local population. A sort of humanitarian-priming takes place where the individual charms, befriends, employs and champions the plight of the local community.

Lori Handrahan on Twitter   Remember  pedophiles groom the parents   community first to gain access to the children. Former Sr  UN official  Peter  Dalglish from  Canada arrested in  Nepal on child sex abuse charges.  M.png

Lori Handrahan on Twitter

Mr. Daglish’s story follows this pattern as he employed one of his victim’s fathers as a laborer for nearly 5 years to help build his ‘sleek’ home in the hills. Mr. Tamang’s described having developed a ‘warm bond with his boss’ Mr. Dalglish. Tamang even trusted Dalglish enough to allowed his (14yr old) son to spend the night at Dalglish’s home from time to time.

Effectively, Dalglish established a good rapport with the parents of potential victims and the community at large in order to perpetrate his crimes. Dalglish was held in high esteem throughout the community often buying gifts for locals and always treated those that worked for him well.

To his young victims, Dalglish offered an escape from life in Nepal promising to take them with him on trips abroad in exchange for their silence.

Undercover Nepalese police officers had befriended Mr. Tamang’s 14-year-old son who informed them that Dalglish had abused him and his 12-year-old cousin for nearly 7 years. The boys were sworn to secrecy by Mr. Dalglish concerning the nature of their intimate relationships if they wished to travel abroad with him.

“I think the police were following Peter for a long time,” Mr. Tamang said. “The boys said they were asked to sleep naked and were raped.”

NY Times

Warning Signs

Dalglish, who has made numerous return visits to Nepal since at least 2002, had previously been involved with volunteer work in Kathmandu.

The NY Times reports that people who knew him when he first began doing charity work at schools in nation’s capital remember a few discomforting instances from the past.

In Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, at a school which provides free education to children from mountain communities, Mr. Dalglish was a popular volunteer in the early 2000s until he asked administrators to change a rule barring students from staying overnight with teachers.

Soon after, the relationship between the school’s staff members and Mr. Dalglish soured, a senior administrator said, and he was banned from the campus.

Dalglish to Plead Not Guilty

EARCOS GIN Bali 2016   Peter Dalglish   YouTube copy.png

Dalglish’s lawyer says that he will plead not guilty to the charges of child rape leveled against him.

In his only media interview since his arrest with the Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail, Dalglish made the following statement:

'If you do the work that I do, with kids, you leave yourself open to criticism. And suspicion,' he said last month

While Dalglish maintains his innocence, there are some suggestions that there could be more charges laid in relation to past abuse.

The Daily Mail reports that chief investigator Kakri hinted to this possibility.

He said officials plan to expand their investigation because they have found evidence linked to cases of child abuse more than 12 years ago, but he would not elaborate.

The Daily Mail

In addition, Dalglish’s history is undergoing further scrutiny as at least one Canadian University, UCC in Toronto, has made inquiries into his past as a teacher stretching back two decades.

Upper Canada College (UCC) in Toronto, Canada is also seeking information regarding Dalglish’s employment as a teacher there from 1998-2002. If more survivors come forward Dalglish could also be charged in Canadian courts.

Kathmandu Tribune

The residence of Kartike remain in a state of shock that someone in their community championing children turns out to be preying on them instead.

The reaction from experts in pedophilia and child abuse, like Dr. Lori Handrahan, are more subdued if not cynical, pointing out that Dalglish fits the profile of a classic child predator – white, male and in a position of power.

We Can’t Paint All NGOs with the Same Brush

A recent article by @corbettreport emphasized the use of NGOs as a Trojan horse by western powers to gain a foothold in nations that defy the prevailing world economic order.

Highly recommended viewing.

NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

The involvement of NGOs such as USAID in places such as Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine, just to name a few, demonstrate the opaque nature of the organizations and question if their objectives are truly ‘humanitarian’.

Yet, an important take away from the Corbett Report’s expose on NGOs is that we must not paint all NGOs with the same brush.

The vast majority of NGOs are doing what they claim to be doing in terms of humanitarian relief, advocacy and support. Even USAID and NGOs periodically used as Trojan horses are predominantly providing the aid and assistance programs they claim to be engaged in.

Lori Handrahan on Peter Dalglish

Dr. Lori Handrahan’s Opinion piece in the Kathmandu Tribune describing how pedophiles gain access to their victims by grooming communities, bestowing each other with accolades, prizes and prestige to hide behind is a MUST READ.

The opinion piece titled “Peter Dalglish’s Teachable Moment for Humanitarians” expertly dissects the psychology of child predation.

Here’s a sample:

Pedophiles typically clad themselves in prizes and prestige. This is their armor. Dalglish sought out, and received, as many honors as he could muster including the Order of Canada. His titles indicate “this man is untouchable and protected.” He rubs shoulders with prime ministers. He has formidable friends in the UN system. He travels with global leaders. Think twice before speaking out against him.

Intimidation is what Dalglish’s extensive accolades convey — not merit.

At schools all over Asia, Europe, and North America Dalglish made the same speech describing himself as a self-sacrificing humanitarian who abandoned a lucrative career to help children in the developing world. He repeats, nearly word for word, that he gave up luxury cars to help children in disaster zones. Like this speech at a school in Bali where he describes how dedicating himself to poor children meant, “I would never race around in a convertible BMW in the streets of Vancouver with the top down and there would be no ski chalets.”

The reality is, he sacrificed nothing. Dalglish’s net worth is estimated at $7–16 million USD and is perhaps even higher. He can afford as many extravagant cars and ski chalets as he wishes. When a white privileged man complains about not being able to own a BMW due to his “sacrifice” for poor children, this is an obvious tip-off about the veracity of his “humanitarian spirit.” Yet, it seems, very few people clued in.


Let’s be clear. Peter Dalglish is not a hero. He never was.

Handrahan's description analysis of Dalglish is unflinching and astute. A man who continuously reminds the public of his altruistic qualities is perhaps someone trying to build a wall around himself to shield his actual activities from public scrutiny.

Peter Dalglish remains in a Kathmandu Jail awaiting trial, he faces up to 15 years in prison for child rape.

Additional Sources The Globe & Mail



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Absolutely disgusting.

People are sent over to aid, and they cause further destruction to lives.

I understand the point made in @corbettreport's article with regards not tarring everyone with the same brush, but who can you really trust? :(


Agreed, as someone who has worked with children in charities in developing nations, I particularly despise this crime against humanity. I don't even have the words to describe it.

I wish I had an answer to your question but I think we can only trust NGOs on a case by case basis, so many of them have been tarnished with this kind of behaviour and through corruption as well.

I was once approached by a friend of mine that wanted to use the charity i was working for for smuggling, that conversation ended pretty quickly. Some people are just opportunistic, trying to leverage everything they can to get ahead.


Case by case for sure, but then who's doing the judging and how far up the ladder do we need to go to flush out these people.

Frustrating and saddening.

Some people are just opportunistic, trying to leverage everything they can to get ahead.

hmm, this reminds me of somewhere close to my keyboard :)



With advancements in profiling and psych evaluations, they could stop this if they wanted...or at least slow it down.

People of this ilk are drawn to certain professions that give them access to children. That only makes sense. Yet, whatever percentage are afflicted in this manner, there are ways to uncover them. There is enough data out there about pedos to start isolating potential perps.

The problem is that the elite do not care to stop it. To begin with, many of them are pedos themselves. Also, the devastation to one who is sexual abused, especially at a young age, can have lifelong consequences. They either end up completely docile or so angry they engage in anti-social behaviors that get them in trouble. Either way, their threat to the state disappears.

  ·  last year (edited)

It might be time for ngos and charities to seriously think about a rigorous screening process. I guess the big issue is sometimes it's hard to find volunteers for some projects so they let anyone in the door. Also, some ngos might not have the time or resources to do this in an effective manner.

The thing about Dalglish is that he was able to lead numerous organizations.
How can we screen the top dogs?

As you know, a lot of ngos are established by wealthy individuals who contribute significant funding or are able to raise funds from their connections. Scrutinizing the funders is not as easy as it sounds, in my opinion. NGOs struggling to fund their projects are at a disadvantage here, they might not be in a position to screen out those types of individuals.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the lifelong consequences of sexually abused children. I know people who are seriously traumatized from childhood abuse and try to suppress the nightmarish memories. They suffer from PTSD. One of the worst things about it is that they're often targeted again by abusers and can get stuck in a cycle of abuse.


Have you seen An Open Secret yet, taskmaster? It’s free on YouTube. I just put the link to the video here on this comment thread. As disturbing as it is to watch, it’s a must see for anyone who wants to see Hollywood pedos go down! It may even help people identify pedos as well.


…very difficult post to read; but, your comment reminds us why we should NEVER judge the behaviors of people, especially young children; because usually there’s a story within their story that would knock most off kilter.

As for those who prey on children, it takes everything to not judge; but, I do believe there’s a special place in hell for those who unrepentantly make a life of such destructive behaviors.

I’m sure as Jesus hung on the Cross, enduring every sin known and unknown to mankind, this would have had to be the bottom-scum worst, so that sinners one and all could be saved.

For this I say, "Thank-you Jesus." (1 Peter 2:24)

Prayers for all.


Even though we shouldn't paint all the NGO's with the same brush, the unfortunate reality is that the credibility of these organisations and the harm they cause through incidents like these, make it almost impossible to have trust in them any longer. There is a long and documented history of fraud and exploitation.

  ·  last year (edited)

I can't argue with you here. There are a significant number of NGOs that exist to pay their executives and staff and marketing and promotion. It's often the case that they allocate very little of their funds to projects on the ground and to the communities and causes they champion.


I know this is a late reply, but just wanted to add one more thing to this discussion. I think it's extremely disappointing (it really annoys me personally) that these NGO's and charities, have taken on the idea of using pushy call centres and street collectors in an aggressive manner. Although I understand that some of them struggle for funds and staff, I hope they soon realise that these tactics are damaging their reputations.

The sad thing about NGO’s is the fact that they do good work however what is the point if they are being used as a front for either regime change or heinous crimes against humanity?
So many charities and NGO’s have been tarred with that brush and need to be wound down as a result.
The crimes against children are particularly disgusting and it’s about time a government somewhere had the stones to start jailing/executing the deviants involved.
Good work buddy.

I am not here to judge because we still didn't know what is the whole scenario of what happens here. But so far what I can see is Mr. Daglish has cross the yellow line and it seems he abuses his influence to take advantage to other people.

Prankly speaking, not only this person who is hiding on his charity works. One of the largest religion in earth, the catholism is hiding also their unholy works behind. What they are imposing are very differeny on what happening on behind the curtain. One of the reason why I am not surprise some people are like Mr. Daglish that show he is a meek as a lamb but inside is full of dead bones. How pity our world now.



This is just stomach churning, every aspect of our society has been infiltrated and is an inversion of what it should be. Charities and civil rights organisations attract parasites that seek to gain from others misery, big pharma makes you sick, the law protects the criminals and charges those that speak out. This has been a long time in the planning and yet is happening so quickly it's enough to make your head spin. There is a sickness in our society and like a magnet it draws the sick towards it. We certainly shouldn't tarnish all NGO's with the same brush but it's difficult when the scum amongst them are the ones doing the tarnishing .. destroying our trust and faith in humanity. Who can you trust? then again perhaps that's the point .. that's the thought they want subconsciously branded into each of our minds .. divided we fall. Thank you for continuing to shine your light in these darkest of places @v4vapid


Thanks for the comment @perceptualflaws!
Yeah, it's that 'inversion' once again that we've talked about on several occasions. It's so twisted, I think I'd have to agree with you that it seems to be by design. As you say this 'destroys our trust and faith in humanity' and if we're unable to trust anyone or the integrity of the actors or institutions in society then we're doomed to be divided and conquered. It's a bleak prospect.

responding to @abh12345, you can't trust anyone! But seriously, we must not conflate volunteer work with pedophilia. It is a false equivalence and one, I believe that is used, possibly in a manufactured way, to discredit potentially positive forces in this world. Now does it mean there aren't agents of corruption in philanthropy and charity? Of course not, but these scandals seem to discourage us all on a spiritual (or an athiest analog of that) level and we can't let that happen.

So gross. It is amazing how many of these stories I've seen uncovered lately. Disgusting human beings using their influence and social status to commit heinous acts. These men animals should be castrated and locked away for life.


Locking them up costs $ and they can't be rehabilitated. Better off castrating them then putting one between their eyes


I'm with you there. These bastards don't deserve to live.

  ·  last year (edited)

I’d suggest everyone here watch this movie. It called An Open Secret. It’s all about pedos in Hollywood. I must warn you, it’s disturbing as all hell, but it’s a must see for anyone who wants to see Hollywood pedos go down.


Yeah, this film also does a good job explaining the grooming of the parents of child actors. An important doc for sure!


May I suggest you post a link to this movie on your blog? You have a far bigger following than I have. This movie needs to be seen by as many people as possible!

It is quite unfortunate that some people due to their selfish purposes soil the good humanitarian work they have been doing with evil.

How did humans degenerate to such abysmal depths of barbarism, using the guise of humanitarian jobs take advantage of the less privileged that they set out to help.
Still your boy @royaltiesboss-eu

The important of peacekeeping in war zone can’t be overemphasized because of it benefits to the internal displace persons, in Nigeria were I come from due to the numerous killings by the Boko Haram group have render over 2millon Nigerians homless,the girl child are been abuse everyday even the Amnesty international have reported the incident to the international community such as UN and EU.
They is a need to check and balance the activities of the military always so that the girl right will be protected always .
Great post @v4vapid best of regards

Disgusting .. food for sex.. more and more of these predators are disguised as a so called hero.. but clearly, like you said, this man never was one..

This is loathsome. I'm glad I saw your article, because I've never heard of this before.

It certainly would appear that child predators seek out regions lacking robust legal infrastructure and these places, more often then not, tend to be the impoverished nations of the world.

I was formerly aware that child predators like to seek out positions in which they will work with children. Namely churches, teaching positions, social work, ect. but I was unaware that this was so widespread through humanitarian aid in impoverished countries. It makes sense though.

Peter Dalglish remains in a Kathmandu Jail awaiting trial, he faces up to 15 years in prison for child rape.

Only 15 years???? How could someone be convicted of child rape, and be able to walk the streets again in 15 years?? Absolutely sickening...

Good thing he was caught, one less piece of crap pedo off the streets, now let's hope its the start of a domino effect and all these pedos who think they are untouchable start to fall...

  ·  last year (edited)

Words can't describe how much I hate pedos. There's so much evidence in the wikileaks vault7 archives regarding pedophiles in Hollywood and the US government. Those sick psychopaths are talking about baby girls and boys like they are food to them. The world needs to know what these sickos are doing.

Bye reputation .. It is amazing Peter Dalglish that a person with high reputation and who dedicate his life to help children with donations benefica.
Have a perverted mind, as it says in a part of your article many people or organizations take advantage of low resource countries and low constitutional strength to take advantage of small creatures that are beginning to live to abuse physically as well as sexually.

Scary that these monsters hide in plain sight.

What's happening to this world.
It's all going to shit, but at least he was punished

How abhorrent, ugh. People are sick how could someone do this to a child?!

Such people are the dirty insects of society.
They take advantage of the helplessness of the society to take their own unwholesome interests.

It is very sad to hear that in the modern world like now there are still things like that

Amazing write. Great post. Its very nice to see these bloodsuckers being exposed. Very nice to see these arrests happening ALL OVER the WORLD in greater numbers.

Sickening! It's just unbelievable people can do this. Unfortunately it's often due their upbringing and abuse on them. This is not excuse and I hope he the just justice deserves. But I think we as a society need to take more responsibly for acts like this because it won't stop by just punishing the sick people that commit these crimes! 💯🐒

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Thanks for the update on this, I almost forgot about this one!

OMG!! As it is possible that there are people who take advantage of their dirty money inventing a beneficial work and end up destroying much more to society, really we can trust is true that you should not judge everyone for one who makes an error, but it is I've read case cases and always the one who abuses the most is those people who claim to be GENEROUS MEN and end up being the same TERROR for those who run into them, that is definitely not so God's macabre events that this little ship called Earth has gone through guilt of unscrupulous beings who believe that money can have the world. Hopefully and the divine punishment comes to these men like this guy.

How a person can harm a child who is innocent who still does not know life can be abused by people who have five fingers in front.

They deserve the electric chair, life imprisonment and besides that the exile to heaven, with all the money in the world that kind of people will never go to heaven what they did here on earth they will pay right here