ChessMasters: Results From The First Steemian Chess Tournament / Результаты первого Steemian шахматный турнир

ChessMasters/SteemSports Editor: @theprophet0. [Witness]

ChessMasters/SteemSports Presenter: Yuriy Kosyanchuk - @stranger27.

In the last ChessMasters event, we proved that you, fellow Steemians can not only vote, but also play games to win STEEM! We also learned that we have quite a few strong chess players in our midst!

Tournament Results

Also, the winners will soon receive their rewards according to the announcement post.

You can check other details of the tournament and watch played games here.

The next tournament(s) will be this weekend. The details will be published in the middle of the week, so follow and vote @chessmasters account!

Meanwhile, all of the Steemit chess players who wish to participate in forecoming tournaments have some time to prepare!

Tips regarding getting better chances in the future competitions

1. Study the rules carefully, especially sections:

  • How are scores calculated?

  • Arena Berserk

  • The winner of the last tournament used the Arena Berserk option to get more points and play more games than other participants. Though it is not easy to play with half of their clock time, it may help you get points if you feel your opponent plays weaker then you.

2. Get to know your rating by playing rated games on This way
you will know your strength and this info will be usefull when future tournaments have rating limitation.

3. Check your statistics on that your account generates.

  • Not only can you check your rating history, but you can also analyze your games and improove your skils. Here is an example from my Lichess account

  • Pay attention to the Chess Insights section - it contains some very interesting data from your chess matches.

4. Try lichess training section. It gives you great suggestions to increase your chess skills.

It will be interesting to know your thoughts about our initiative, feel free to share your comments and any suggestions you may have.

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Steem_Land tweeted @ 29 Nov 2016 - 02:13 UTC

ChessMasters: Results From The First Steemian Chess Tournament / Результаты первого Steemian шахматный турнир —… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Not sure about the Arena Beserk setting. Perhaps I'm just too oldschool...


I tried the berserk option once to test if I can handle the one sided time pressure. In this tournament it did not change the end results but I have seen tournaments where results changed in both ways because of using the berserk option. In general it is a high risk to use the berserk option if you play a fast player.


The simpler the better. At the moment there is no opportunity to disable Arena Berserk when tournament is created. Plans for future are to start tournament with rating limitation so all players can have chances to win, and it will be difficult to play berserk with strong players. I guess middle players and beginners will rarely use it as time control 7+2 is rather short.

This is amazing! Thank you for posting!

Wish I had known about this. I'm now following so that I can participate in the next one. Great initiative. :)


It was fun, start time was bit late for me but I played few games before I had to go.


I think the next tournament is set for the upcoming Sunday. :)