NEW ARTICLE: “L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets"

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I invite you to read my latest research piece, now up and running on good old Activist Post. I call it “L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets.” It suggests that a company called L3 ISR Systems of Greenville, Texas has been retrofitting commercial aircraft for the purpose of routinely spraying us with megatons of toxic waste. I don’t think that’s very nice of them, do you? The evidence is overwhelming.

“L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets” gives us the low-down on the Temco Aircraft Corporation and how they most probably assembled aircraft that sprayed chemtrails and collected atmospheric data as part of early New Manhattan Project experiments. More relevantly to today’s operations, my new article traces the evolution of Temco straight through to the here and now. You guessed it… Temco eventually morphed into L3 ISR Systems. You people are the smartest audience in the New Media, did you know that? I’m not even joking. Cheers.


Overwhelming! Thank you!

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I know. It's Temco, no doubt. The Temco that was propped up by David Harold Byrd, LBJ, NASA and their Nazis, the Bush family, and the Rockefellers... along with General Electric, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation... all run by the CIA, the CFR and the Global Corporate Superstate. WE know.

Thanks for your wonderful work.

I conversed with Marvin some time ago. He suspects that coal fly ash and additives to keep it suspended may be added to the fuel at a stage after it is produced and before it is delivered to the airports.

I looked at numerous papers supporting his thesis that fly ash particles have a huge weighting in cirrus cloud formation.

Of central importance is this one that states that fly ash obtained from cirrus clouds is very difficult to distinguish from mineral dust and tends to be coupled with it by scientists. They found that 7% of the cirrus clouds they sampled were formed on anthropogenic fly ash.

Ice nucleation by combustion ash particles at conditions relevant to mixed-phase clouds

The question I have is how is coal fly ash differentiated from jet fuel combustion ash?
Jet fuel exhaust emits about 0.01% ash, the US EPA standard being 0.02% ash. About 0.045 kg of ash is produced for every 450 kg of fuel burned. This works out as around 254,276 x 1012 submicron particles emitted per metre of flight.

They seem to have similar properties in being the metallic residue left behind when the carbonaceous component has been combusted away.

I go into more detail on my blog:

A Study in Infra-Red part 9: The Riddle at the Heart of Ice

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