Cheese, Cheese everywhere

in cheese •  3 months ago

I think I never ate this much cheese like in the last 2 weeks.

And mostly very good one. My favorite is probably the Appenzeller cheese.





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Hello my dear best friend @flipstar how are you.There is no end to education in your friends. From this new post, I learned something new and learned new things. Thank you very much.

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Esse ich gerade auch mega viel. Muss ja genießen solange es geht. In Thailand gibts wohl eher keinen


ne dann ist bald wieder schluss :-(

aber gibt ja auch dort gutes Essen halt nur anders


und was für gutes. freu mich schon wie sau auf thai essen

It is so yummy.Please tell which other cheese are available there ? @flipstar

Surrounded by walls of cheese! Haha that's a lot o' cheese! I used to love cheese. I used to eat it with everything. Still crave Maytag blue but I given it all up as it doesn't coincide with my colon functioning properly if ya' get my drift. I bet the smells in that place are heaven? Like when you walk into a fudge shop but it's cheese. I couldn't get over their stock... Wow! Amazing! Thanks for the show. You visit some interesting places indeed.

lot of cheeeeeseeee :D perfect place

They are many cheeses! they look very good. 😊
Where I live there is not so much diversity of cheeses😥.
You have been able to eat so many rich cheeses, but when you come back to Thailand you will eat very well too..👍😊

was für ein KÄ**** lg