Checkpoint Systems and Crime & tech take stock of the theft situation in shops and supermarkets

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When we're talking about "s hrinkage," we're referring to a shop or chain's stock differences. These products are disappeared or wasted using even simpler terms. The reasons may be numerous and rely on industry by industry, but there is a substantial incidence of theft.

When are the variations in inventory weighing on businesses?
According to the European study on Retail Security. Going beyond Shrinkage, conducted by Crime & Tech (spin-off of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart–Transcrime) with the support of Checkpoint Systems, the impact varies from country to country and depends on the sector but, on average, fluctuates between 0, 3% and 3% and is a growing phenomenon, although at modest percentages: + 0,19% compared to 2019. The GDO, the supermarkets and the large chains are the industry that most accuses the issue, followed by clothing and shoes and accessories with an average shrinkage of about 2 percent. On the other hand, body care products and electronics have the lowest rates, respectively 0.5% and 0.4%.

The most striking figure is the total losses that would be worth the equivalent of the fourth European retailer if converted into turnover: EUR 49 billion.

The writers of the research wished to emphasize how internal sides do not necessarily attribute the inventory distinctions to the thefts: the information relating to the shrinkage also includes the damaged products, the one lost during transportation, the one lost (think of the food shops).

The research shows that distributors across Europe use a combination of technological systems to assess inventory distinctions, including both crime-related and non-criminal losses,'-said Ernesto Savona, Director of Crime & Tech-' These distinct approaches must be taken into consideration when interpreting the outcomes submitted, which is why the research runs bey'

How thefts evolve When you think of thefts in the shop, you tend to think of the usual crafty ones who manage to detach the anti-shoplifting equipment and leave with a bold and embarrassing escape when it goes wrong. There is no shortage of organizations of more organized criminals using technology, using screened bags that prevent the sound of alarms or jammers that prevent their functioning. These are not the only methods used, however, and recently scams like yields and fraudulent refunds are spreading more, and the cancelation of receipts. Luckily, robberies are in decrease, with or without guns, a trend that has been going on for years.

This year, on the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we understand that this element is more essential than ever'-explains Alberto Corradini, Business Unit Director of Checkpoint System-' The fact that the inventory distinctions, if transformed into turnover, would be the fourth biggest European retailer, should not be taken lightly.

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