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For those who love to drink soda's but hate the unhealthy consequences from them, I found the solution for ya... it's called ZEVIA. 🥤

First off, I'm not a huge fan of sodas at all but when I was growing up in my teens... I use to drink 2 liters a day! Pretty Crazy HUH! 🤯

No wonder I was kinda chunky. 🤣

Don't get me wrong, I tend to have a coke or mountain dew (my favorites) couple times a month just for the heck of it but most of the time I stay away from them.

They are filled with too much un-natural sugars such as high fructose corn syrup or even worse, aspartame (known to sure cancer). Can you say, BLAH! 🤢

However, these ZEVIA ones have no calories at all and they use a substitute sugar called Stevia (from a plant) and they are much sweeter than sugar.


The best tasting ones are Dr. Zevia, Ginder Ale, and the Black Cherry.

So if you guys want something that taste like soda but is 100% healthier for you than reguar sodas, I would recommend giving ZEVIA a try.

Believe Me, You Won't Regret It! They taste awesome!

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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💯💯 there are so many zero sugar alternatives coming to market now, it's great, love this one! esp their dr pepper and mnt dew variety lol

There are tons out there but many of them mix other stuff in them. However if its 100% stevia, I'm all for it :)

However, these ZEVIA ones have no calories at all and they use a substitute sugar called Stevia (from a plant) and they are much sweeter than sugar.

Be careful with Stevia if you have low blood pressure, it seems that Stevia has some chemical that reduces blood pressure in some people, which might be ok if you have high blood pressure, but dangerous if u have low blood pressure...

Out of all the sugar substitutes, Stevia is one that I mostly trust... Aspartame is god awful!

I wouldn't worry about that at all, you see all the crap people eat and drink everyday lol :)

Actually I Think Charles @stackin would like to be Drinkin' Some Tea

Arizona Iced Tea Maker Turns to Weed
Beverage maker reaches licensing deal with U.S. cannabis company for new line of gummies, vape pens and drinks

Kinda funny, I drink tons of black plain tea everyday. These infused ones look great, I’m going to have to try it 😀

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Another cool thing to try out !


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Black Cherry Sounds pretty Good...........

Nice post. For some reason I have never been able to drink a "diet" soda or alternative to the famous coca cola. I get one alot especially when out to dinner or lunch, Something about that old flavor and sweetness. Good point on the high fructose corn syrup whoever made that is in their laboratory with an evil grin counting their bills.

Soda, even zero calorie ones, continue to be my Vice! Will need to try this out to see if I can find a good replacement!

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The zero calorie sodas out there are made with artificial sweetens, those thing bloat me up lol

I prefer lemon juice and mint mixture😎

I make those at times 😀

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