I've lived in Las Vegas for over 15+ years and I never won on a slot machine... maybe it's because I don't play it much. I'm more of a craps player 🤑

These got to be one of the biggest scams in history 😳🤣


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
scam in history!!!
Looks like it.

Ponzi lol

In my life, I've only ever spent approx $10 on slot machines ... while on vacation.

One time, I won about $250 on a 0.50 bet.

So, I am up about $240.

I understand the statistics, so I will likely never play again.

Social Security is the biggest scam I think XD

House always wins :P

Haha, you need to watch someone that's been playing for a long time...and then when they leave, it's bound to hit at some stage. When I lived in Vegas, my roommate and I got screwed out of our wages and were hustling our way through life for a while that way haha. We'd never go back home empty handed 😉. But I wouldn't voluntarily spend any money on those things now. I LOVE craps...at least you have a good chance to win (or lose) and it's a lot of fun.

the time is long enough, we can say there is no sustenance, but the message I come from this life do not easily we give up, let alone complain we must be sure in our conscience that we can, "people can we also can" my greetings

Good post friend

you should try harder bro :D

老虎機是固定返還 一般設定為95% (波動)意思是 只要你玩得夠久 你一定能拿回你投入的95%(前提條件是在你之前沒有人先贏走錢)