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RE: New slots available in help.venezuela program

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HELP ME TO HELP...I am a venezuelan writer, editor, artist and a teacher in arts... As you know, Venezuela is going down through an economical and social crisis. In that context, you can imagine the situation of venezuelan artists. With my very limited funds I try to share some food with artits of my community, and sometimes with them little children, here in the city of Los Teques, far an hour from Caracas, which are in vulnerable situation... I must say Steemit has a be help to buy some food, as you know here food is very expensive... If I could count with your support, I will serve better to OURS FRIENDS ARTISTS that are in POVERTY. I promise to share informative post in order you can know this beneficiaries artists.

Venezuelan national flower: the orchid Flor de Mayo, May Flower,
Cattleya mossiae, in my mother's backyard.


Hi @yomismosoy,
Thank you very much for taking the time and for your comment.

I thank you @achim03 for taking the time to read me. I hope you' ll consider my humble request for support. Many blessings to you ;-)

Hello @yomismosoy,
We will gladly consider your request ;-). Could we ask you for a little support?
Could you please vote for our friends of @steemchurch in the following contest?

This would indirectly help our project!

I not just answered the poll, But I also left a favorable comment about the important opportunity you represent to help the suffering Venezuelan steemians.

Hugs ;-)

Thank you very much for casting your vote and your comment!