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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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I'm trying to understand the psychology of your opposition. It's bewildering. They don't want to neuter their animals, even if it's free? And they don't want to care for the offspring, but they also don't want anyone else to care for the offspring?

You have a beautiful property, and those dogs are lucky to have you as an advocate.


@winstonalden, honestly-- I don't think it has anything to do with "normal" psychology. Central Appalachia is a culture apart. People here resent outside influence and will resist change even if it could save their lives. This is generations deep, now compounded by widespread drug abuse. They care nothing about the logic of spaying and neutering. Some of these mountain people would rather drown puppies and kittens in the creek than have some newfangled folk tell them what to do with their animals. I nearly got thrown out of the local farm bureau a couple years ago after one crusty old fart said we could save taxpayer money not by rescuing dogs from the local pound, but by backing his truck up to the window and running a hose from the exhaust. Four or five folks standing in line thought that was jest funnier 'n hell. And the local politicians are all so corrupt (and unopposed for being so) that any major changes in how the county operates will disrupt one little honeypot or another for them. Central Appalachia makes no sense to logical humans. It's a third world country right here in the good old U.S.A.

That's a shame. Pretty frightening, too.

You're courageous for taking a stand in such a place.

There are a shocking number of people around that have zero empathy at all for animals. It is like they do not believe animals have emotions or feel pain or something. As a person that can tell what my animals are feeling just my looking at them, it makes me physically ill to watch an animal mistreated or neglected.

Watch my blog for the story about what happens to some of the dogs and cats at the barn where I pay to keep my horse.It bothers me that people who do not share my feelings for animals are the care-takers of my horse. I'm still looking for a better situation to move to.

I followed your blog just now. Read the story about your older horse and my heart just breaks for animals who don't have a loving steward like you.

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