Celebrities could effectively set up their very own secure Charitable Foundation on the STEEM Blockchain practically overnight.

in charity •  6 months ago

Celebrity Foundations on the #STEEM Blockchain


Tweet - Celebrity Foundations

Before I forget, I just wanted to quickly share a tweet with you that I have just posted.

It is something that accompanies the recent Blog I have just shared with you regarding my application for Dragons' Den.

For those that have missed the tweet, this is what I have said....

When the penny drops and Celebrities suddenly realise they could effectively set up their very own secure Charitable Foundation on the $STEEM Blockchain practically overnight, I cannot begin to tell you what will happen..!!

#Celebrity #Foundation #Steemit #JoinSteemit #Steemit


Thanks for reading.


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God amazing!

What is dragons den?

The way steem is getting famous all over the world. Hopefully one day celibirities will definitely join this community. We as a community member are very proud of you that you already started a big campaign to invite celibirites on the platform. It will give a big boom to this community. Thanks for being the real ambassador of this platform. Keep it up @stephenkendal

Celebrities can do these type of things? Wow
keep up xD

Highly rEsteemed!

But it's too simple, they won't "Get It."
This has been my M/O for the last two years... it's time for a new Class of Celebrity who can function in the Blockchain space ...

Bacon boss.jpg

Thanks for share this informative post.

It's just a matter of time..

With time they will be here to know how it works real cool is just that we need to be a goal getter in our dealings

What a informative post. Awesome post. Thanks for share your thoughts.

Hello friend and good news, thanks for the information I will be aware of your post.

Waiting so eagerly for that to happen along with the launch of SMT to help give steem needed momentum.

how much time waiting to read this news