Leaving Steemit - Looking for a charity to donate SBD

in #charitylast year

Since March I don´t have much time to post articles because of my new job. In addition, I am very disappointed for all the events that happened here during the last months. Therefore, I am leaving Steemit.

Here in Steemit I have learned a lot about cryptocurrencies, I improved my English writing skills and meet fabulous people. I want to thank to everybody that followed me, the developers whose tools I used and the writer whose posts I read. Now I close a chapter of my life to leave more room for a new one.

However, before leaving I have one last thing to do. One of my failed projects here in Steemit was to create a donation fund. This fund has a few SBD I donated from my publication´s income. Now it is the time for closing that fund and forget about this service.

I need your help to find an account to donate my SBD and let my Steemit identity to rest in peace.

So long and thanks for all the coins,



@ropaga If you are still doing this, I am going to be meeting with a good family friend who runs https://www.childrenofthenight.org/ Children of the Night who helps young women who are forced into becoming sex slaves or who are on the street. They just opened up a new shelter for these women, and are helping so many young women its amazing. If you want I would cash it out and hand it to her directly for you. Just let me know if you want to thanks.