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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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Thank you for the work you have taken on despite those who would stand in your way. Have you applied for any grant funding ? Can you do a go fund me link that donates could go to straight from steemit? Just ideas. All the best!


We have applied for every grant under the sun. Nowadays that game has really changed. Only brick and mortar shelters qualify for most of them, and no money is available to build shelters because the thinking is to spay and neuter to the point you don't need new shelters. Well, I agree with that. But this is hillbilly hell. People here aren't going to spay and neuter their animals, even if you offer it for free. I've been run off from doing events at the Pounding Mill Tractor Supply because I made too many customers angry talking about spay/neuter.

Wow! That is a shame. I know a lot of people think that neutering an animal is next to neutering themselves! Crazy thinking! Thanks for your comment. 🐓🐓

Rhonda, you didn't respond about a go fund me link. Don't you have something of that sort set up also? I know you at least used to have PayPal as I donated some money off my account from refunds

We've done at least a dozen GoFundMes and YouCaring drives. Between them all, we've raised less than $1,000. An initiative like that for Steemit could work if people get it circulated, but trust me--nothing works on this end. After five years, I've tried everything.

For steemit, is the easiest just to transfer SDB and mark it for the ARC? OR do you prefer something else?

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