The FairCosa Foundation - Introducing the Board - Matthew Fairfield

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To provide unique opportunities to individuals
from historically underprivileged communities
to aid in improving quality of life through
education, training, and community development.

The foundation of any organization is its board of directors. These people are the heart and soul of an entity - their passion and commitment leads the way and directs the future. Today, let's meet the President of the FairCosa Foundation, Matthew Fairfield.

Matthew was born into a small farming community in Merrill, Oregon. Here, he learned the value of hard work and gained a great respect for his country. At age 17 he joined the United State Army as a Combat Engineer. He served his country honorably and was discharged five years later in 2002. From there, Matthew explored the world of fashion, modeling, photography and business. Then, in 2005 Matthew began his career in Real Estate which he continues to dabble in today.

Matthew's story takes a sharp turn in 2010 when he was Incarcerated in the State of Ohio. That experience taught him a great deal about how our criminal justice system works and inspired him to want to make lasting change. Upon his release, his family was supportive and enabled him to quickly reenter society. He created The FairCosa Foundation as a way to help other people take their lives back after similar situations.

Today, Matthew works in the transportation industry, owns a small trucking company, operates the FairCosa Foundation, is considering running for local government, and still finds time to travel the world.

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We all deserve a future - help us clear the way.

The FairCosa Foundation

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Awww shucks, thanks! :-D

Howdy mattifer! This is a wonderful project and Matthew appears to be a fantastic leader for it!


Thanks! I agree - he's definitely the right person for the job. :-D

Good to see one mistake isn't ruining this guy's life and he is doing what he can to help others, great story Jenn.


Thanks for the support. The story behind his conviction is another great example of the corruption in our current system, but I'll save that one for another day.

I'm glad that his experience made him a stronger, more dedicated man. Now he's ready to change the world. 🤩


I will look forward to that story. Thanks. I hope he succeeds on his mission.


Thanks! We had another board meeting tonight and it looks like things are progressing - slowly, but progress is happening! :-D

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So awesome. Let me be the first to say nice work and.....

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Thank you. The real work is yet to begin. :-)

What a great success story to share on how he turned his life around. Awesome!

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Well...the reason he was incarcerated to begin with was pretty bogus...but that's a story for another day. :-D

He is using his experience as motivation to do great things, that's for sure!

What a great story to share on how he turned his life around. Awesome! Wishing much success to the foundation!


Thank you for the support!


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:-) <3 :-)