The School Where Children Sit On Stones To Learn. Please Let's help These Kids With Some Desks.

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About two weeks ago, I talked to @rankyb who was introduced to me to learn more about Steemit by @joyce-okpobo. Then they told me about a school in Nasarawa where the children sit on stones and on the floor to learn. It was a pitiful tale to hear so I decided to go check out things for myself.

This is a government primary school in Akun development Area, Nasarawa state. They have a school population of 326 pupils and 38 teachers but have been abandoned for years now by the government.

With no classrooms, no chairs, the classroom floor is not floored. The children sit happily in this conditions to learn everyday.

Now imagine what happens when it rains, they all gathered together in this classroom and squeeze themselves to get away from the rain. Those who are lucky to get to the center of the room have a better tale than those who can only secure space close to the door and windows as the rain beats on them like forever.

When I saw this condition, I couldn't pass them by. I know what it means to learn in unfavourable conditions like slaves, so I started a plan to make some 3-in-1 desks for the school. Since I joined Steemit in January, I have tried in my little way to support the needy through many projects I have supported. I have never asked for help because they are mostly little projects I can afford, but this is different and will involve a larger amount of funds which I alone cannot afford at the moment.

The Plan

  • Donate 50-100 desks to the school.

  • Floor the classrooms with cement to keep away the dust

  • Use ply wood or zinc round the classes and to partition the classrooms

  • Put Blocks round the classes to keep away rain water from flooding the classes when it rains.


This is a special appeal to everyone in the community to contribute towards helping this kids and the kids to come to have at least a meaningful learning environment.

How can you help?
I have done some survey and came up with something around 500 - 800 Steem to give this school the least support we can give them.

  • You can support by donation of Steem/Sbd.

  • if you do not have Steem/sbd, you can take te images from this post and make your own post as a support for this project. Then send in the payout from that post to us for this project.

  • If you are a professional (carpenter, engineers etc)and live around Nasarawa state in Nigeria, you can offer your professional services to us and reduce the cost of hiring professionals outside.

I am not much of an organized charity person, I believe in seeing a need for help and offering an helping hand. So I won't wait to form some Charity organization before I can help this children. I appeal to everyone in the community for support to give this children a helping hand.

Everything I earn on Steemit in the next two weeks will go towards getting seats for those children and if after two weeks nothing significant is achieve, I'll extend to the next two weeks until something significant is achieve. I'll also appreciate every support received towards this project.

I believe we can change the world, one help at a time.

In @papa-pepper's voice
proof of a school where children sit on stones and sand to learn.

Thank you.


Wow that is a very nice thing to do @lordjames
Helping the needy in any way you can..i love your spirit sir, your zeal to help others really touched me:)
I would have love to give in sbd for the project but i dont have much. I will try making a post on it, then send the earnings to you..:)
Thank you for sharing and for your compassionate heart @lordjames you really made a good call!!

Upvoted and resteemed!!

This is a good one bro, I'll send 10 steem as my little support to help accomplish this. Well done

Thank you brother, joy overflow in my heart for this.

So sad, how will this kids be able to learn in the type of condition. It is very bad and the government is not helping matters. They only care about their selfs and their children. They don't care because their children school outside the country. It is not good at all. They have no human feeling in them, they just use to money for education development to buy cars and build house's. Thanks for sharing this post. I pray people will donate to help this children get a good class room and educational instruments

I do not have time to play the blame game anymore. Government have been bad from the days of David and Noses. But right now, I'm more interested in how I can help other in the world in my own little way.

Abi we can't wait for the government again . God will bless you on the project

Very sad my friend when I read your post I am sad and eager to visit them or help them directly ..
This is a lesson for us and a burden also for us all in this world ..
Is the government there in charge of the school there ??

That's a government school, but seems the school have been ignored.


This is RIGHT ON POINT my man!
This can be part of our new model for African human investment.

I do not see this as SAD! I see it as extremely HOPEFUL!
A NEW ERA for humanity ;-)

The post was touching and I really commend your effort @lordjames
@surfyogi, you've said it all. I love your passion to help others and for having a craving to see to the development of people. You're highly admired sir!

Chaiii!!! Really touched... Look at them learning in such condition and looking very happy... While there are people out there living well, but are still complaining and looking for more.

In these life, it's good to be grateful for what you have and for a better tomorrow!! For these act of kindness, sir @lordjames. The help you need to help these pupils and the school would come to you swiftly.

I have, re-steemed your post. For others to see on other communities.

Greeting to you @lordjames ... you people are doing such a great work ..... God will also be pleased with you people ....

Hmmmmm, thanks as you share this may God help us, I will write a post about this and I pray it yield meaningful results, let's keep up with the charity work, thanks for sharing @lordjames

My heart cries at this sight of these pictures. when @Rankyb first told me about this school, I didn't believe him. I didn't believe that kids would go this length, compromise their comfort just to ensure that they have a formal education. Education is not cheap but if we all will do little, we can make it a little bit easy for these kids. I'll make a post using these pictures and whatever payout will be dedicated to this project. God bless your big heart @lordjames.

Thank you for your support, we'll be over joy to see this project executed.

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

I love it when it's come to charity, thanks for sharing @lordjames, I believe this community is capable of doing anything, because we never loose as a team, am not promising, and I don't know what to do yet, but I will do something. My question now is that. which account are will sending to, @lordjames account or @wafrica account?

Thank you @youngboss, if you want to send in any support, do so to my account with memo stating it's for this charity work.

I can imagine how it is proper for kids to wit on hard stones to learn hard things, God bless your bro for discovering this out. Upvoted and resteemed!!!.

What a commendable effort to change things for the kids. Hope to see this effort on this project succeeds

I like this project, And I pray we succeed on it, I don't have enough, so am not saying I will donate, but I will try all my best to help. Thanks for sharing @lordjames

I feel pity for them,, wish to be part of this development

This is the school where you teach.
It's really painfull.

No, I don't teach here. Someone informed me about the school so I visited.

Wow....this is so kind of you, together we can and will do this since our government are acting less concerned.

It's really painful Bro,my prayer is that God will help you to do it

This very worrying school should we care about all the people of the world and this is our responsibility to fellow human beings..

This ia very touching the kid need to be treated better than this

Hope you will be succeeded in your mission

Regards @lordjames

I would be more than happy to see that the campaign that i've released thru my composition would go well and people would buy the single so we can earn and have budget to help this cause as well.

Hopefully it will start to work soon. As Alex told me ... with 100 euros already in Africa you can create miracles :-)

Bellow is the link thru wwhich people can hit the BUY button & will be directed to the main link thru which the donation of more than 10 euros can be done ... and we've mentioned in some previous blogs ... the 1st 1000 persons that will purchase the single and donate more than 10 euros will receive our album as a Gift.!/@luciannagy/20180605t122152979z-the-african-mganga-composition-of-lucian-nagy-played-by-lucian-nagy--balkumba-tribe

Stay Blessed people

Thanks @lordjames @wafrica @gbija @nmalove

Thank you... most welcome next post 😅😅

Next post so you can come and write, thank you?

Thank you very much for this peaceful work and thank you that your mission will be successful so thank you for doing this good work

incredible devotion and your friend's fight.
I am proud to know or be friends with you in steemit and I can know kadaan in the country and its surroundings.
Continue your friend's fight..

Awesome.move I tell you
this is highly commendable

Look at them learning in such condition and looking very happy.

Regards @lordjames

Please let me know if you've received my donation from me & my Tribe and hopefully you've seen the message as well. Feel free and read it. Thanks. Soon more things to come. I've created that post with this actual blog you've created already and hopefully people will upvote so i can send you the sbd from there too. Hope all is well. Posistive thoughts from me & Balkumba Tribe. Regards.

As we say here: " Less from me, more from God ... our Great Architect"


PS: the contest went cool ... maybe i haven't pay attention the fact that maybe it was more directed to the singers ... that's why i've said it was the 1st and maybe the last contest here on steemit ... not a big fan of contests but by the time when gbija suggested me the contest i haven't read the conditions ... Anniway let me know if you've received my message.

Peace & Blessings @lordjames @wafrica @gbija

I am really touched with it. I think they are the best students, although the school facilities are not perfect but they have spirit in learning process. May God always give the health for them @lordjames