Biblical principles in all knowledge.

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Christians have a biblical policy standard, we do not act from a vacuum, because the scriptures define the limits of government. The problem is that the religion of statism currently has so much power that they get involved in my daily effort, health, education, retirement, values, its self-assigned power is so much that it has indoctrinated even Christians to think that it is capable of solving all dimensions of the life,
Why is this happening? when we abandon biblical principles we embrace other standards (totalitarianism or anarchism), since there is no neutrality in thought.


a) The Bible places individual responsibilities as the priority to fulfill, since Genesis, all social assistance God delegates to individuals, families and the church.

b) Family: We believe in the preferential right of parents to educate their children, if parents resume their responsibility to pass on the biblical worldview to their children and do not delegate the education of their children to the ministry of humanistic, secular and secular education. ..a different generation of Christians we will have.

c) Church: each pastor is a servant who leads the sheep to maturity, it is not a center where each congregation has pastors with papal authority, the scripture is the authority.

d) Limited Government (different from the current powerful State), the work of rulers since the Old Testament is limited to civil matters (crimes, taking care of private property) We want to have greater freedom to work in the kingdom of God, and for this the savior god of many non-Christians (powerful humanist state) and unfortunately the idol of Christians as well.

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