Art class 🖍🖌👩🎨👨🎨 In the Indigenous Warao community of Cambalache.

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The word self-Christian government is voluntary obedience to what God says in his word. Learning colors expanding by means of reasoning and dynamically. Through art we teach you on order, responsibility, obedience, etc.


If you want to know more about this class to give it to your children or the children you have in charge in a community, let us eat a comment and we will teach you. .


@littledisciples Great to see You with the children in the class room.

Daniel + Bianka -- Please look into the link below that is offering 100's of FREE classes in Spanish, not just for Yourself but the children as they get older...


Más de 200 cursos gratuitos en línea de Salesforce para estudiar en casa


Free classes in Spanish for both children + adults -- Google search
(( at bottom, see Children's Books ))

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