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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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Hey @rhondak, I work at an architectural salvage yard and get materials in that I'm sure you could use except that they are in Colorado. I've never been to your area but checking out a junk yard near you might give you access to some really useful and cheap materials. Just a thought. Wish we were closer!


They'd be more likely to chase me off with a shotgun, but that would be a good idea for rescues in other parts of the country. :-)

Unfortunately that part of Appalachia is so poor that usable materials rarely make it near a junk yard. If she got funding for some transport runs, she might be able to fill the van with supplies from a place up north, if funding covers the purchases or steemians can arrange a donation drive with a pickup point near her route.

Wow, I guess I had/have no idea about the poverty of Appalachia. All I really know is that they have one of the most bio-diverse forests in that region with loads of amazing medicinal plants that are often being over-harvested!