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RE: Can You Build A Dream If No One Shares It?

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Did you ever create a Steemit account for your rescue? I generally think consolidating steem power is a good idea, but in this case, you might want to branch off and develop an account that doesn't have the look and name of an individual person. What this might do is create a community feel, giving others a sense of belonging to it - maybe delegating to it, donating to it. Initially I don't think such an account could pay the rescue's bills. BUT - if you used an account like that to actually hand out steem donations (generously provided by like-minded whales) to worthy animal causes (including Tazewell but not limited to) you could build such esteem (😀) that the account may grow its following to a point that in a year or so, it's at solid dolphin, maybe even whale status itself. An account like that would eventually GENERATE wealth not only for Tazewell but for other animal-welfare-promoting minnows. Not redistribute wealth, but actually generate new wealth. You might even draw a community of animal rescues onto Steemit through such an account. It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest giving out of such a dire need as you, yourself, have... but if you can initially convince others to donate what's handed out, you are effectively being what Malcolm Gladwell calls a connector. The world needs connectors and eventually, good connectors are rewarded.


I have thought about something like this, yes. What's stopped me is the daunting task of starting from the bottom again trying to build an account. So I decided to wait until I have enough SP to delegate to give the new account strength. If I start from scratch, it would be too easy for the Mountain Mafia to get a Steemit account, buy or rent some SP, and flag it into oblivion. And they would.

This is a great idea, and perhaps you can get some help from a whale or dolphin to get the ball rolling?