We allocated Monthly gifts for some underprivileged Families

in charity •  11 months ago

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we allocated few bags to some local families. It was a regular monthly allocation program by us.


This month we could manage 10 bags. Each bags contains : Onion, Rice, Potatoes, shimer bichi and vegetable oil .




As I had to go picnic with autistic children, so I couldn't join the allocation program. Two of my brothers allocated it going the slum and local houses. I will try to share if I get the pictures of allocation.

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steemit.chat/direct/azizbd .

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thank you a lot. charity programme is noblest job.


Thank you for your comment and understanding

that great job. love to stay with you...



Thank you for your support.

your charity is honest @azizbd


Thank you.

Nice job bro.. You are very good @azizbd


I try. Nobody is perfect in the world. We all should try to be good human. But we can keep trying to be good. Thank you for supporting.


yes, it would not hurt if we can help, success always @azizbd, visit my blog and upvote me. thank you

That is amazing!


Thank you for comment and support

thank you a lot. charity programme is noblest job.DQmavEYxhkcSJ1NZknoGKdQtmihXwBj15iufN3cH4aW3Fhm.gif


Thank you for understanding.

i like it, resteemed.


Thank you for your support @cariglee

you are great heart @azizbd


Thank you for supporting me as always.

Its really good work my dear @azizbd:- I always support you.................


Thank you @harmonic . I am happy to have your support.

Great job my friend, may god bless you...


Thank you @abialfatih for your prayers and supporting me and my work,

you are doing a great job for the humanity. All the best for your noble cause. Stay blessed. @azizbd


hey @kamchore , thank you a lot for supporting my work.

you are doing the great job


Thank you @tigerflora , See you around soon. Have a nice day

we need more people like you..


I wish to see some people inspired by the work and they also decide to support their community. This is why I share and this will be a great to create awareness among young generation.

Really this is your great step to help poor family. Just keep it up. Thank you for sharing this post with us. Really this post imoressed me.


Thank you @jareen61 for your comment and supporting me.