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Strange entities # 15

in chaos •  20 days ago

On this occasion prepare to meet the abominable and destructive Azathoth... one of the immensely powerful and inconceivable beings, is described as nuclear chaos beyond the angular space, it is a supreme force of the universe, a colossal mass chaotic without form, a mass of destructive and uncontrollable power that acts indifferent to the cosmos... the same universe is part of its essence, in a nutshell a very horrible being to be described having a concept of confusion and structural disorder... also called the creative and infinite chaos of Infinity... for other gods this is only a natural force more than a companion... known as the first engine of chaos, the antithesis of creation, which gnaws, groans and drools in the center of the final vacuum... for many, this entity lacks any reason, a blind deity with no trace of intelligence, thoughtless and insensitive to pain... always surrounded by his orda of amorphous dancers lives dormant... it is said that he accidentally created the universe and that when he wakes up It will destroy it as easily as it conceived... the presence of this being is accompanied by the sound of a flute that certainly played the melody that marked not only the end of the human race but all creation...







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