Changelly is missbehaving with me.

in #changelly5 years ago (edited)

This is a request post to @changelly .
I send some sbd 2 days back to convert them into steem but still no steem recieved even no refund is made .
I send email through your support button but recieved only a automated reply.
This is a humble request that please complete my transaction or make a refund . #changelly

Thank you !


No response from their side 🤔🤔🤔

It's strange !!!!

ha yr aaj 3 din hogye

भाई मैंने कई और लोगों की शिकायत देखी है changelly के प्रति, शायद वो लोग किसी technical प्रॉब्लम में फंसे है।

बात चीत करते रहो, कोई ना कोई हल जरूर निकलेगा

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