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We are always celebrating on the ChallengeDAC App Discord server. Come over to the CHL Discord ad get tipped lots of CHL tokens. Not only that, every Steemian using the #challengedac tag surely gets his post curated with the 250k SP meant for curation of all challengers!

ChallengeDAC app is an EOS based user-friendly Blockchain mobile App with the team based in San Diego, California. This App n allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific and time-sensitive tasks and get paid in blockchain rewards. A player sends a challenge to the challenge receiver who has to go to a specific location and carry out a task like maybe show up for an event to unlock a Crypto reward. The App uses GPS function to confirm if challenges are being carried out. This mobile app is available for iOS and Android users. ChallengeDAC has it's own local cryptocurrency called CHL Available on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko exchanges. There is also a pegged asset called CHLP available on the @steem-engine market.

Join the official Discord to know more:)

Merry Christmas!

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