Positivity Challenge With @Steemit Central Day 6/60 - STEEM is the Blockchain of Opportunities

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STEEM has crashed in prices in the last few months but the opportunities and promises it hold are unwavering. Steem provides an endless opportunity to earn. I believe in the future of STEEM and its power to change the world. STEEM remains the blockchain of opportunities.


For more details see the original post announcing this challenge

How to Enter the Steemitcentral Positivity Challenge

  • Pick a topic you've decided to be positive about.
  • Write only positive words about it in less than 100 words(100 max).
  • Use the "steemitcentral tag" and "scpc" in your blog posts.
  • Do well to number your entries. E.g Day 1/60, day 23/60, etc. Kindly ensure that your numbering is consistent with the number of days left to end the challenge.
  • Link your entry to this post.
  • Use the hash tag #scpositivitychallenge in all your entries. This will make us find you easily.


Everyday @steemitcentral will comb the entries and reward the most inspiring entries for that day. Feel free to be creative. You may add a picture or even a video to your posts. We just want everyone to be motivated.

Discord Show

There will be a Discord show every Sunday by 7Pm to reflect on those positive talks from the previous week, so that we can start the new week on a positive note. You may join our Discord Server here.

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Steem will definitely moon, it's only a matter of time and for us to exercise patience.

I'm positive. Price is a reflection of the market not the blockchain. I think that from all the projects I've seen on the different blockchains that we have the most opportunity here. Looking at all the apps in development at the moment and the future updates on the way that we are just at the beginning of something good.

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For those who have money to spare, it is a good time to buy - that is if they have faith in Steemit. :-)

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