30 Day Challenge - Become a Real Person by not Using Most Common Word

in challenge •  3 years ago

Screw Zipf's law! I'm breaking free of this matrix that we all live in. I don't need programmers to tell me what to do. Every thought I have will be coming from me from now on, not some code that predetermines which words form our thoughts and interactions. In case you are unfamiliar, a single word accounts for 6% of all words we use! I will not use this word for 30 days in an attempt to throw off my code.

And hopefully no one will use that word more often to make up for me and bring it back up to 6%! That might foil my plans if it is a collective code rather than an individual one. In fact, I might not use this word ever again even after the 30 days are up just to do my part in preventing something like this from happening.

Even Mr. Rogers is doing his part retroactively. It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood. Be like Mr. Rogers.

Once I can achieve independent thought without help from any programmers, I will be a real person and upon my death, escape from this slave planet. Forgoing this one word is my first step into personhood.

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You can make it. You will make it. I won't ask you what would that word be :)

Personal note - since English is not my native language I won't join your challenge :)


This phenomenon is consistent across languages so you could do it in any language! But if you don't, thank you for your support!

It is about Words indeed - that's why the elite tries to hold our focus on word of war and terror and lures us into using all these new age illuminati words like - intention; co-creation; synergy; united; unity; unconditional - for example.
We have to Focus on Words of Familee and Freedom.
That's why Our Father is the Word God and Jesus is the Word Doctor.
Word = Jesus = Freedom = Sharing = Familee = Bro+Hers = Faith = Humility = Responsibility = Honesty = Respect= Stability = Nobility = Empathy = Impeccability = Integrity = Eternal Universal Freedom
Prair is truely a common agreement of Words and Actions.
Nothing more - nothing less - not what religion tries to brainwash you into.
Jesus said follow me - he never spoke of christianity.
Therefore following Jesus is truly following a principle of Freedom and Righteousness as WON earthlee Familee.
I highly recommend watching this

We are about to kick-start a global gathering - where we speak a language of Familee onlee. This will set all of us free and the kingdom of God which is beyond will open up for us.


Yes, elites are all satanists and they want us to focus on and create negativity and suffering because it feeds their god.

Thank you for your upvote. If you ever post anything and need and upvote just drop me a chat message ;-)


No problem, and thank you that's so nice of you!