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RE: Way to Unwind for a Tiresome day

in #challenge2 years ago

I'm not sure if I'm back yet or just stopped by, I'm so glad whenever I find a comment from you in one of my posts!!

Happy new year, by the way :) I was out of the country to visit family and have been full of work since I got back, I have also finished a short novel and I'm using every bit of free time I have to give it the final touches.

The reason I'm not a constant steemit user is because puting articles in a nice format is greatly frustrating!!!

I cant promise I will read all your former posts although I would love to, but I'll try and catch up with your work as much as I can!

As for the booklist, Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance and the Discovery of Slowness I promise to find and read. I got a kobo ereader for Christmas and it has made my reading a lot easier!!! I've read siddharta and I think Neuromancer is in a box somewhere in my living room.

Murakami is sure to drive you into a world of magic :) I hope you try it!