Raising my feeler - I think I should Post instead of Asking around

in #chainbb4 years ago (edited)

Hi again,

I have been surfing for more than an hour... Very interesting experience. But with so many questions on my mind. Instead of asking around in comments... I think I should make another post with my questions so good Earth people can help me out when they see this.

Ok, here they are:

Q1. Where to see Earth money sign? Don't see any $ on my post. Where can I see the number? They said we get money from mlah mlah mlah... (sorry, mlah for blah on Mars). I only see a lot of users with percentages... are those votes?

Q2. How to upload an image? I won't scare you with our looks. But they say Earth people rely heavily on visual so I think it is necessary. My friend help me with the one in my intro post but I say to him that I don't like Steemit interface as I talk short and fast. I hope here support image uploading too...

Q3. What does BB stand for? Chain I guess it means blockchain.

Q4. Where does the money come from? Although I haven't seen it... (Q1)

Q5. [Cool! I can eidt!] Why my cool avatar isn't shown yet? My friend said he set it up thru Steemit and it works. Obviously not here...

Sorry I am impatient and new here on ChainBB. Besides, I am Martian.

I do what I want. But thank you if you are good Earth people and answer me or give me links that are short and simple.

The Martian


Welcome to Earth!

  1. Currently none of the values of posts are displayed on chainBB. At some point I'll be adding a section that lets you track the status of your posts.
  2. You can't right now (like reddit), you've gotta upload them elsewhere and then link to them using Markdown ![Title](http://domain.com/image.jpg).
  3. BB = Bulletin Board, which is another name for a Discussion Forum.
  4. Rewards are generated by the Steem blockchain to participants based on receiving votes from people, proportional to how weighted their account is (with Steem Power). The Steemit.com FAQ answers a lot of the questions about how the blockchain works - much of which is also applicable here.
  5. I think the avatars get cached for a few hours with the service I'm using. It'll show up eventually :)

Wow, answer from the Creator! Almighty @jesta ! Thanks a lot for the reply. Very helpful. It will help me blend in so no one knows I am Martian... oops, the account name...

The Martian.

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