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in chainbb •  2 years ago

BitBean is not your ordinary "Alt-coin", we are doing things "out-side the box" and in a different manner..you might have heard the definition of "insanity"? "Doing the same thing and expecting a different result"...this describes most Alt-coins today, many will begin to realize soon that BitBean is different!!!

We're not doing RoadMaps anymore, we're only publishing current projects underway in our current Sprint (current projects underway with targets to be completed with in 4wks.)

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Very Good news that another Altcoins bitbean is coming in different pattern. Investors are Always looking for something new and best than others for investment.
I hope your project wil definitely be success. We need more information.


Precisely. There is a lot more to this project than meets the eye. We are creating new waves here. It will only be a matter of time before the others follow suit.

Love to see Bitbean moving forward. Expect price to go up with this news.


cheers mate!

AWESOME. It's cool to be different. I love the name. It's catchy and should become popular with growth and publicity. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one. No need for boring road maps.


Exactly. The same old song and dance has been done. Nobody's doing all that reading anyways. Short and Sweet, Straight to the Point!


To the Moon Baby. To the Moon!!!