Working on a chainBB FAQ - do you have questions you think should be included?

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Right now I'm working on a new homepage for chainBB and one of the sections I'm planning on building is an FAQ. Listed below is the questions I've come up with so far (without answers), and am writing this post as a way for others to get their questions included. I sifted through all of the chainBB posts so far to come up with this initial list.

The new chainBB homepage itself is going to be a page to learn what chainBB is and what it can do. It's focus is going to be towards people who might not even know what Steem is. The target demographic is people who use and run forums, and the end goal will be to convince all these forum owners that they should be running chainBB and participating on the steem blockchain! ;)

chainBB - Frequently asked questions

## chainBB Questions

- What is chainBB?
- What is Steem & Steemit?
- What is the difference between chainBB and Steemit?
- How does chainBB work?
- Can I run my own forum with chainBB?
- When I vote or post on chainBB, what does that do on Steemit?
- How do I post into a specific forum from Steemit?
- Is there an easy way to switch between chainBB and Steemit?

### The beta forums

- What are the beta forums for?
- Can I create an account?
- How do I sign-in?
- How can I request a new forum?
- How are the rewards split with chainBB?
- Will there ever be advertising?

### Keeping your account secure

- What security risks do I face by using my posting key on
- What is the difference between a posting key and a password?
- Can I use my active key or owner key?
- How can I managed my profile and wallet?

I also plan on linking to the FAQ, so I'm trying not to overlap with much of what exists there.

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"How to move from reading a post on Steemit to responding on chainBB, when you are not the originator or have posted a reply already from chainBB"

  • Where keys are stored?
  • Where bugs can be reported?

Perhaps some scenarios and use-cases which would fit Chainbb better than

Hey @jesta,
what about including some short questions on steem in general, like e.g. how it works and how you actually may earn some money with it. I mean you possibly get some people on the site, who don't know about steemit yet. This way you can provide them with sufficient information and keep them surfing on chainbb instead of directly redirecting them.


Good call - I'll try to work some of the more basics in there as well, as how they directly apply to chainBB.


Welcome :) You really started an interesting project there. Keep on going I'll follow 😉

I find it looks good, especially if you're going to link the Steemit FAQ. I personally couldn't think of any other questions.

Ps. Keep up the good work with ChainBB! :)

How do i spin up my own ChainBB community? :p

"Where can I see how much my post/comment was rewarded?"

Btw it actually looks good to have the rewards hidden/at least quite small imo. It keeps the focus on thinking and discussing, rather than being a crowd/whale pleaser.


Yeah that's what I was hoping for. I really want the emphasis to be on discussion as opposed to searching our rewards. I'll probably put that information somewhere but it won't be incredibly prominent. I've been thinking about adding a popout on each post that triggers with a button, and the popout itself shows information about the rewards pool and who voted on the post.


"I've been thinking about adding a popout on each post that triggers with a button, and the popout itself shows information about the rewards pool and who voted on the post." - that's a great idea IMO


That sounds good to me :thumbsup:

In-depth faq @jesta

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keep going @jesta you are doing great work

Hi Jesta, what will it take to create a forum?

As obvious as it should be... maybe "Why should I pots on chainBB?" I guess

Looks good @jesta :)
Have you considered making an introduction video to chainBB briefly showing the benefits and how it works?


I figured that's best left for when the product is a bit more finished, but good idea! deserve resteem and upvote...

amazing @jesta , Respect for all this :)

I am so confused...

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