Punishment by BAD Teacher-Story2

in chainbb-suggestions •  2 years ago 

With the continuation of my earlier post on title"Punishment by BAD Teacher" I am hereby claiming punishment for both the teacher and the school authority.
As per the news sources the girl was forced to stand inside the boys toilet for 5 minutes and after that she was sent back to the class where she explained all to another teacher and also told that her mother already explain in school diary- that the clothes were wet after washing and for that she could not able to provide proper uniform for the particular day so she should kindly allow to attain the school in regular clothes.

Now the child is in trauma condition and refuse to go school.

The father of the girl complained to Child rights activist Mr. Achyuta Rao and he says this is also a violation under Prevention of Sexual Offences Against Children (POCSO) law.

Also one of the state cabinet minister has tweeted the incident as Ridiculous and Inhuman and also take it up with Hon'ble Deputy CM of Education for appropriate action against on the school authority.

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