[Day 43] - 58.68% Drop in ETH Mined Rate!! - Genesis Mining Cloud Mining Review

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Hi guys, I purchased 2-year ETH mining plan from Genesis mining .
Total MH/s purchase:34 MH/s + 0.75MH/s (Free)
I input the daily mined data to keep track on Genesis Mining performance
Here is the review:

Total mined: 0.76362471 ETH as 11-7-2017

Drop in Mined rate(per MH/s): 58.68% (since first received ETH as 30-5-2017)

Previous Mined rate: 0.00035588 ETH/MH/Day
Latest Mined rate: 0.0003504 ETH/MH/Day
Daily Drop in Mined rate: -1.56% ( From 10-7-2017 to 11-7-2017 )


Based on the projection of above data, the cost would be fully covered at 250.6 days ( ~8.35 months).
(assuming no further change to ETH price and daily mined rate)



Thanks for the data! I like that the projection takes the increasing difficulty curve into account. I haven't seen any other sites do that.


Nicee and as the price goes up (if it does) it will cover itself even sooner

but sadly..ETH is dropping now and is under a consolidation process..

Great post! I saw you posted your GM code, I really got into Genesis mining about month ago for ETH and now for x11 too! I was doing them in bulk orders but now I do smaller increments so I could use more people's codes.

I just used yours, it was only for 1 MH but looking to spread the love! I followed you also, trying to connect with people here on STEEMIT!

Next time you upgrade your hashpower use my code! NkQanX

I don't think you used my code.

And I never receive any hashpower lately...!
Moreover, I saw your copy and paste the same comment everywhere.