Welcome to the chainBB General Forum + a little reorganization

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Since we don't have categories existing or everything yet - I've decided to make a new tag (chainbb-general) that will be used for the new General Discussion forum. I wanted the new forum to start with a clean slate, so I choose a very specific and unused tag to signify inclusion.

You're free to post anything within this category for discussion with the chainBB (and Steem!) community. If you're a Steem user and want to write a post within this forum from steemit.com, just remember to use chainbb-general as the first tag to cause it to appear in this forum :)

The chainBB.com Discussions forum is now in a new category called "Projects", and the forums have been reorganized in the following structure:

  • Community Requested Forums: The community requested forums are the forums that the users have requested so far, and I want to give them a bit of priority since these users are the ones helping to test the platform.
  • Steem Projects: Steem-related projects are more than welcome to organize their communities here, and if you run a steem project and want a forum, we can get you added.
  • Blockchain Forums: A series of forums dedicated to various cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.
  • Steem Forums: The steem forums themselves have been moved to the bottom, since they are probably the forums used by the lowest percentage of a potential user base.

This is subject to change, as this is an evolving platform with a brand new community.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback thus far!

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Leaving a comment here from chainBB! This is extremely great work @jesta!

I'm trying it out right now =)

nice ! I try it.

This is awesome. I'm very excited and grateful to have you working on this forward-thinking Steem platform... I'll definitely dedicate some time to exploring ChainBB.

--> this comment posted on ChainBB

Oh hell yes I am also replying to you on ChainBB omg this is gonna be the best dude look canu see this gif? Imgur
do u see the whale feeding? man this is gonna be amazing! omg omg omg its so beautiful its like Ghost inteh shell its the Solid State Society!

Im inide chanBB its amazing yeah beta.chain.bb for everyone who wants to see omg its incredible its like a real forum now BETTER than reddit
look at our current user base itsa bout 170,000 as of may 24 2017 we need it to be like reddits over 200 MILLION! and we can totaly steal their users from their subreddits!

Any chance you'll bring back the cryptocurrency forum? I wanted to post my latest Steemit article using chainbb, but was sad to see it gone.

Great work, Jesta!

We could probably make a generic crypto forum, but it's hard to contain all the crypto discussion that happens into a single forum.

The reason I removed it is because I feel it deserves an entire website dedicated to it :)

Ah, interesting. So different installs based on different categories? I think I'm starting to get how this will work. :)

If I were to start a single crypto forum that you'd be able to use, what are some common tags you'd want included in it?


Heh yep!

Different audiences are going to want different forums and I don't think it will be possible to cram everyone into a single website.

Brrrrrrrro can you explainto me like Im five why and whenI woould want to change the vote meter bar thingy you built here for us...very beautiful, how long would it take ssomeone to learnhow to build something like this? is it a lifetime of computer science knowledge coming to fruition? seems like it...did u do this alone? even if people helped, was this all you? and this can now allow us to steal subreddit users right? mass migratontime You are reddit moses leadng reddit slaves to the Steemit promised land where the crypto currency is ripe and plentiful for all

This is incredible

just wait until we start filling this up with new threads for all the subreddits!!!!!!!

Still getting my head around everything but this looks pretty cool., can't wait to explore further

Eventually we will have all of steemit here, I assume;-)

That's the plan!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

OK, I am trying hard to come onboard with this, sent the .0001 SBD to verify my Steemit acct - hoping that worked. I appreciate all the informative assistance!

What website are you talking about? The products I run don't have any direction to send SBD anywhere.

Kind of sounds like he is talking about https://streemian.com/. They do require a .001SDB verification. It is the only Steem app that I can think of that uses this type of verification.

Hi @jesta, I am happy to be on here and contribute to the growth of chainbb. For my next post I am going to put chainbb_general as the primary tag to experiment with how that process works. However, I do have one question. If I post on Steemit and use chainbb_general as the tag and someone responds here in the forum, does that show up as a comment on the post?...if not am I alerted in some way? How does all that work?

hah, i hope it will be another success on the chainbb

Great stuff and thanks for sharing

Awesome, I like this!

Hello Jesta, here to chill and watch the show. Good on ya!

I am a new user here, can anyone provide any advice?

I really like the look and feel of this forum!
Gives a whole new perspective to the steem blockchain.
Keep it up!

very nice interface

Awesome work! nThanks for sharing the update with us.

Namaste :)

Hi @jesta

Today I created posts from #chainbb forum and every time when I hit button Post it's hunging and I needed to cancel current post and then restore the post from draft.

So it wasn't once in a while but I had this problem every time.

Could you look what could cause this problem?

Thank you

When was that happening? Just recently?

Those happened during last 12 hours

Thanks for you great work at this site. If i can help with something contact me any time.

Best regards

Thank you💕💕

Congrats Jesta for coming up with another interesting project.. chainBB.com looks awesome...

Congratulations @jesta!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 5 with $ 875,23

New to steem...still discovering and I guess the chainbb platform would get more and more popularity

Thanks for welcoming at such a great forum.

Perhaps there could be a general section for sports? People could also make general threads for each of their prospective sports.

I have just used it to post my last news! Great to have 'Beer lovers' subsection! If I'm helping test it, awesome!

This is great stuff! Keep things moving @jesta

please help, chainbb is asking for posting key, is it same as password?

No, it's different.

There's a link on the login screen that shows how to get your posting keys from steemit.com, right below the box you type it in.

Just tried, just a login box appears, that asks for wif or pw. all i have is pw, nothing else. no other link below box.

The login box on chainBB?


The link goes here.

jesta. please.

If I would put my, for example, active key as my private key for signing-in, would it stop me or not? Is it safe-proof?


It wouldn't work :)

When you enter a key, it verifies that it is your posting key before it's allowed to save in your browser.

Amazing! Thanks! :)

nice...rs and upvote for you...

nice sharing!

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These might look a bit weird for the people not even using Steemit....

I've jumped in to ChainBB today and am giving it a spin, I like what I've seen so far @jesta, well done! Best of success with this.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

i hope ,i can make tool usefull for my country indonesia.

my inspiration @jesta !!

There should be a trollbox type feature aswell :D for chainbb specifically, it'll be a great addition i believe :)

Commenting from chainBB and checking it out.

Thanks @jesta for great news. Upvoted and resteemit

Hoa!!! I will