Are defenders underpaid in soccer?

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I would like to discuss with you guys whether defenders in soccer are underpaid. Well, I guess obviously. No defenders made it to the top 10 most expensive transfer in the world football transfer record. The closest is David Luiz in 2014, which costed Paris Saint-Germain around £50m. It is sad how we value scorers way above defenders. I do think we should pay defenders more respect and money. It is so unfair to them as we are implying they contributed less comparing to midfielders and strikers.
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Not only do they get paid less, but also they are under valued. Think about Stones, he is the most expensive defender ever, but he was only worth 50m euros, whereas, young promising attackers, like Mbappe and Dembele are worth 90m-100m euros, thats double, it just doesn't make sense

I think all footballers are overpaid , esp in main leagues .

I think they are all overpaid but they should even up defenders and attackers.