Steemit microtasking # 8 : send a message to Sierra Club.

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  1. Find the email address of the person in charge for Sierra Club in your state.

  2. Paste and copy this mail :
    I run a crown acting campaign based on a game,
    The Massively Open Climate Action Game

This game takes place on Steemit, a platform associating a cryptocurrency + a blogging platform.
If participation in this game is significant, Sierra Club will receive a bonus of 1 million Topsols, a cryptocoin to promote investments in solar energy.
Yours, »

  1. Send the mail to Sierra Club
    Thank you, you have microtasked for the benefit of Sierra Club.
    Please upvote and resteem.
    Micro-volunteering : the new marketing tool for Steemit.
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can someone explain me what is this sierra club.... I am new to steemit :)