More articles showing that CFS is dishonest and promotes degeneracy.

in #cfs4 years ago (edited)

Here we have an article stating that a worker was selling drugs with a CFS ward in the car.
How is that a good influence on the child?
I wonder if he became a drug dealer.

Here is a fairly recent story about how things are going to be better. I doubt it. We always hear that year after year but the high number of kids coming into care is alarming and the fact that CFS lies about the number of kids in care shows they are dishonest.
They lie about much and often times say thing like sign this paper or you may lose your child.
It not the police officer's job to chase after these kids who get lost because they are taken from what they know and throw into a world where there is no guidance.

This article talks about how the numbers of kids in care doubled in 12 years. In 2015 the number was 10,050 that's 10,050 parents not knowing how their kid is till they hardly know who their kid is anymore.

Here is more declarations that thing were gunna change. How many times has it been said? The only thing that changes is the number of kids in care. 90 percent are native but CFS is not racist they claim. How many homeless people have become homeless after either being a ward in CFS or after having their child stolen from them.

We can't wait anymore it has to change.

And workers that endanger children and ruin lives need to be held to account.


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