Inktober Day 3: Bulky/Traditional & Digital version

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Day 3 of inktober, as in the previous post, I also didn't understand the use of the word very well since it apparently has several meanings, in the end I took it as something heavy and made a pitbull, I love this breed of dog despite that I have a mini shnautzer hahaha. It was complex to do it, I had to study the figure several times to achieve it, but the good thing about this type of challenge is to be able to improve in things that I had never set myself to recreate.



Día 3 del inktober, al igual que en el post anterior tampoco entendía muy bien el uso de la palaba ya que aparentemente tiene varios significados, al final lo tomé como si fuese algo pesado e hice un pitbull, me encanta esta raza de perros a pesar de que tengo una mini shnautzer hahaha. Fue un complejo hacerlo, tuve que estudiar la figura varias veces para poder lograrlo, pero es lo bueno de este tipo de retos, poder mejorar en cosas que nunca me había fijado en recrear.




Tiny gif process


Un pequeño gif de proceso


💖I hope you like it. A hug for everyone and good vibes 💖

💖Espero les guste. Un abrazo para todos y buena vibra 💖

✨✨If you want me to make you a draw, just let me know. I am open for comission without restriction.✨✨



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