10 tips to recover self-confidence

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Men: without anxiety

Self-confidence is not innate. A little more self-esteem, experience and guts can make it easier to assert yourself.

Do you want to develop your confidence in yourself and finally face the world? The following tips can help you ...


Do not run away!

Confidence in yourself As soon as someone looks at you with frankness, lower your eyes or turn your head away. Stop fleeing from the other's eyes! Communication is not just about talking! The expressions, yours and those of your interlocutor are important. Of course, do not overdo it and do not look at the other person everywhere.

Recycle your fear!

You are experiencing almost panic fear in new situations. Do not waste all your energy and thoughts trying to hide your nervousness. Try to turn it into actions: talk, go to others ...

Create the contact!

Certainly, getting involved in a conversation with a stranger or even with your neighbor to overcome seems insurmountable. Tell yourself that everyone is nervous when they have to approach a third person. Precisely, force yourself to create contact instead of trying to avoid it continuously. This should reassure you and allow you to find the best ways to build relationships.

Take the step!

Throw the water! Feel free to discover new environments and make new experiences. Gradually, you can adapt to new contexts in a short time!

Do not imitate!

Certainly, sometimes it can be useful to take as a model someone who is always sure of him. However, this imitation has limits. Self-confidence manifests itself differently according to the personalities and style of each one. You can not copy your attitude towards others. Look for your own form of expression.

I'm the best!

Use the Coué method! Repeat "I can do it" or "I'm the best"! Okay, positive thinking gives random results! But it costs nothing and you can pay. Because sometimes you just need a little help to get to the winners' camp!

Affirm yourself!

Certainly, speaking out loud is not necessarily a sign of self-confidence ... but it helps to assert itself. And it's certainly more effective than whispering with your hand in front of your mouth! Also look in your eyes and speak directly with the person concerned.

Do not choose unrealistic goals

Does your lack of confidence in you come from a permanent feeling of failure? Stop setting or accept inaccessible goals! One of the keys to self-confidence is realism: you must know your skills and especially your limits! Optionally, target your goal in small and intermediate steps. The successful completion of these small steps will help you achieve your goals, as long as you stay within reason.


Always to avoid these mistakes, you must know your mistakes! Accurately evaluate the reasons for your past failures, both professional and private. By avoiding reproducing old errors, you can only improve ...

Play sports!

Choose a sports club near you. Above all, register in your category (beginner ...) and try to face people of your level. You see, the wins you win will surely reassure you in your abilities. Especially because in a short time, you will be surprised at the progress you are making.

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