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En el proyecto @cervantes hemos votado un total de 32 posts durante las últimas 24 horas.
Con estos "posts", 32 autores diferentes han generado hasta ahora un total de 336.695 SBD, con una media de 10.522 SBD por post.

main_image@lecumberreGlosa irregular de la canción ...2.731 SBD
main_image@avellanaFlor Monocromática...3.063 SBD
main_image@fakj94El amor es más que esta soleda ...2.744 SBD
main_image@equipodeltaMi dibujo a lápiz de grafito v ...6.742 SBD
main_image@bugaviThe place that is very importa ...17.288 SBD
main_image@cristiancaicedoRoberto Bolaño y la mujer más ...4.228 SBD
main_image@pavonjObliviscatur ; Relato ;3.410 SBD
main_image@lupafilotaxiaBOTÁNICA AUDIOVISUAL // La Hoj ...8.522 SBD
main_image@wartrapaSan Bartolomé desollado4.636 SBD
main_image@olga.maslievichUkrainian beauties in handkerc ...4.314 SBD
main_image@loveecho저탄고지 부작용 ; 무월경, 탈모, 갑상선 문제12.348 SBD
main_image@virus707JJM홀더 공지입니다. 배당+ 기타등등7.217 SBD
main_image@eveuncoveredDouble the Fun15.256 SBD
main_image@firepowerSteem.Chat Contest #101 Winner ...9.418 SBD
main_image@schamangerbertPlace of strength: Speckberg n ...9.177 SBD
main_image@felixxxPython for STEEM #2: JSON10.728 SBD
main_image@steemilluSTEEMillu Ausgabe 37 ; Doppelt ...3.254 SBD
main_image@shakaShaka's Travel Book - Silves, ...22.668 SBD
main_image@egotheistClimate Predictions Are Useles ...17.373 SBD
main_image@steemitworldmapTravel Digest #66524.287 SBD
main_image@lizanomadsoulBelize Part 4 - How I finally ...27.294 SBD
main_image@martibisWhat to do in Khulna, Banglade ...22.161 SBD
main_image@engranajeAutores destacados del 23 de O ...3.678 SBD
main_image@mayvilerosReporte de Curación por @mayvi ...3.725 SBD
main_image@celfmagazineApoyando el arte #312 – Suppor ...8.565 SBD
main_image@templo@templo Manual Curation Projec ...4.985 SBD
main_image@radiosteemit"Hablemos de ..." en RadioStee ...4.618 SBD
main_image@repolloReporte de Curación Manual de ...4.056 SBD
main_image@jaguar.forceArt Plagiarism Case #58 - Caso ...18.284 SBD
main_image@jrcornelCurious why Bitcoin just did a ...47.230 SBD
main_image@dobartimMystical Happiness1.011 SBD
main_image@aidasfg7‘Night Vision!’1.684 SBD

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This flag was NOTHING PERSONAL and nothing against your content....I enjoy all different types of steem content. You have delegated steem power to curangel or ocdb who is down voting me and others who don't deserve it with massive amounts of SP. (making this war personal to me and others) This type of "trust" makes this place decentralized because you are giving them YOUR voting power to decide what is right and what is wrong for Steem. I am down voting anyone who delegates to them and anyone who "follows a flag trail" from them and I will continue to do so forever until people remove the delegation from Ocdb& Curangel and spend the down votes and issue flags themselves. If you flag my post, I don't mind one bit, if it was your own idea and under your own free will. I wont tolerate when others get to decide what is good or bad with YOUR steem power. Sorry mate but, I am not gonna stop because they are not gonna stop. This is my only recourse and others just like me feel the same way. If you simply remove your delegation from curangel or ocdb this will never happen again, if you don't....i will be here every single day like the taxman until you do. If you feel what i am doing is wrong, remove your delegation and down vote me every single day under your own free will and i promise you i will never retaliate once. Fair? Curangel & Ocdb will now most likely upvote your post to counteract my flag and you will even come out better in the long run so don't worry. This method of madness is not good for Steem, horrible for Steemit and centralizes a decentralized platform. I am tired or the overlords at Facebook, YouTube and Google. Supporting Curangel and Ocdb is promoting the exact same thing in my opinion.Just think for yourself, that's all i ask people to do.