Video: License to Grill- Bilderbergers Nicely Roasted Live With Dan and Max - Bilderberg 2017

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I've been traveling all over the world attending Bilderberg conferences for many years.

You can see some of what I've done & experienced for the last 7 years on my YouTube Playlist

This year Bilderberg was at the Dulles airport in Virginia where we were able to interact with around forty Bilderberg attendees on arrival. Usually, we're immediately harassed, arrested, or thrown out of the premises.

This year was different- we obtained a permit beforehand from the airport as “official media” and got permission to interview and use our cameras at the airport. Bilderberg security briefly detained and released us several times. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth was threatened with arrest, but then the Bilderberg security realized they couldn’t do anything about him. Their security seems to be stuck without legal jurisdiction and eventually they realized they couldn’t stop us. They even tried getting Homeland Security involved and eventually HS told Bilderberg security to just leave us alone.

Earlier in the morning we were threatened with arrest in a different part of the airport, and this was before we even started filming. We showed our airport press credentials beforehand and the police were still called- accused of being “disorderly and suspicious”. The police arrived, asked a few questions, and determined that we were legally allowed to be there.. They then notified the rest of the police department that there were two journalists at the airport who are doing nothing wrong and to just leave them alone and let them film.

My first interview target in this video was Jose Luis Arnaut- a Portuguese lawyer and former politician as he was leaving the airport- but he wasn't willing to answer any questions. Shortly afterward I spoke with another French Bilderberg attendee who is himself a journalist, who stated that he would report on Bilderberg according to the Chatham House Rule- a standard of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

There were Bilderberg staff in the airport with signs to help attendees find them, which made it a lot easier to identify them. I tried to interview Larry Summers as he arrived, but he was very reluctant to talk, saying “No Comment, No Comment!”. Larry wasn't very happy to be peppered with questions.

Al Jazeera TV was the only other news media to show up at the airport that day, and they have been getting some of the arriving Bilderbergers too. Max was able to get several European Bilderbergers to respond, they were likely surprised since Max speaks German. Max spoke with two individuals that told him about what they do, one was Axel Springer a German digital media publisher, another was a leftist green party political member.

The Bilderberg public agenda is quite vague and the actual topics are often quite different from the press release. Also, it’s not uncommon for people not on the official guest list to be invited. Bilderbergers are generally corporate heads, bankers, heads of state, and owners of media monopolies. These are some of the most powerful people in society, who are using tax payer funds for their private security. Then they have a meeting where paranoia is the essence of it’s entire existence.

Few attendees will talk about it, but there was one Dutch politician who did discuss the meeting, at some length a few years ago, his career took a nose dive shortly afterwards and he was never invited back. There is so much to talk about with Bilderberg, its importance and significance. The proof is in the way the US mainstream media treats it, like it does not exist, and there is rarely any substantive coverage of these meetings.

Some of the topics on the official list are really intriguing, with the first being the “Trump Administration: A progress report”, others include the “War on information”. Interestingly the director of CERN, the company that operates the large Hadron Collider will be in attendance. Dan voiced his concern about CERN's involvement. I interviewed longtime friend Jason Bermas on the topic.

I asked viewers, “Do you think that Bilderberg is opposed to Trump as Infowars has implied or are they in fact colluding with him?” I've pretty much lost all faith in Trump especially after the 480 billion dollar arms deal that he did with Saudi Arabia. They are a hotbed of Wahhabism, and because of them ISIS and Al Qaeda grew out of that region. Trump has given that country an unfair advantage against their neighbors, like Iran and the rest of the Middle East.

Trump is a member of the swamp, and isn't draining it like he said he would. Max and I discuss interview strategies, as we try to be friendly with the Bilderbergers to soften them up and then catch them off guard with a hardball question. Max said he surprised one woman from Belgium, who seemed shocked that there was a camera on her.

It looks like Bilderberg is changing with the times- they are no longer pushing away the internet, and are inviting people from Google, Microsoft and other tech companies, which is fascinating. I responded to a viewers question on Bitcoin and explained how it's helped me, but caution people to diversify, and not put all your eggs in one basket- as crypto currencies tend to fluctuate a lot.

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Hey Luke, I love your channel We Are Change, I've been watching it for the last couple of years, I think I discovered you through David Icke.

Thank you for all the great content you produce and for introducing me to Jeff Berwick's channel The Dollar Vigilante. If it wasn't for you and Jeff I would never have discovered Steemit and the world of cryptocurrencies :)


I was hoping to run into you at Bilderberg but I was at the gate when you were at the airport, so I didn't get a chance to ask you this live.

What I want to know about you is the following:

  1. Why do you NEVER mention Mossad involvement on 9/11?

  2. Who is funding you via Bitcoin which is why you fly Delta everywhere because they accept Bitcoin? If you are "independent" than are you willing to be transparent about who is funding your operation? I say operation because it has become one now that you are hiring journalists most recently Bermas? Who is funding you via Bitcoin to fly to all these protests?

thanks guys for infiltrating the cabal - what's happening inside the beast

Thank you @lukewearechange I love what you do.

Hellow @lukewearechane I followed you, so I read all your stuff I like, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my minnow vote is not worthy of you. I have tried to shift my subject to see if I am getting a bit of charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they hungry Maybe, I keep trying new corners.

Interesting started to follow you :)

Interesting post!

I like your content, I like to travel too ))) Good that you are open minded.

Luke you are the salt and the light brother. Keep spitting truth and shining sunlight on the cockroaches!

Excellent! These corrupt world leaders that hide behind their shadowy veils, tugging at their puppet strings of those that they control, need to be exposed.

Thank you so very much for bringing the truth, @lukewearechange.

Best Regards,

The Armageddon Broadcast Network
Your EndTimes news source

What a strange Bilderberg this year. The police were on the right side of the fence for once, Alex Jones was nowhere to be seen, and more strange still, there was a higher percentage of attendees that were almost friendly. Perhaps, with Rockefeller dead, the new leadership is looking for a PR change. When, or perhaps if, Kissinger finally kicks the bucket the press will be allowed too report from the inside of Bilderberg, and then we'll have to seek the new secret gathering of the elites.

Hey Luke! Didn't even know you were here! Great promotion of Steem and Steemit in your recent video though. I am also connected with you on G+ as +youarethefreepress where I reshare your videos

i like your channel. it's very good

Thanks for covering the Bilderberg meeting. People need to wake up to what is going on in the world. Someone said, "You are not paranoid if someone really is out to get you."


I prefer the line: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.