YouTube’s Policy Prohibiting "Hate Speech"

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"If the freedom of speech is taken away, than dumb and silent we [WILL BE] led like sheep to the slaughter." - George Washington

"Will the great Jewish conspiracy, to rob the Gentiles of all American constitutional rights of free speech and free press, to speak or write facts unpleasing to Jewry, end in the complete throttling of truth-speaking Gentiles as criminal anti-Semitics, as in Russia? Both presidential candidates now advocate this. That depends upon whether you do your part in spreading the facts before it's too late!" - Elizabeth Dilling, The Octopus (1940)

There are many things I've been wanting to share with everyone but had to address a number of other very important issues. I will be doing my best to post regularly but my free time has been very dramatically cut so unfortunately I'm unable to interact as much as I would like to.

About two weeks ago Susan Wojcicki(a Jew) through her platform JewTube, known to the world at large as YouTube, decided to falsely accuse me of “multiple and severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech” and subsequently, permanently terminated my channel.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.54.14 PM.png

I am by no means a stranger to censorship by Alphabet Inc. which owns Google(Jewoogle), which owns YouTube(JewTube), the CEO’s of which are ALL Jews but, what I do not appreciate is false and wrongful allegations and accusations which are neither supported by facts of reality nor can be proven.

In my e-mail correspondence with the YouTube team, I requested that they provide evidence to support their claims and allegations against me as I, prior to this termination had not received even a single strike on any of my content. The team refused to specify which video this termination was due to, nor have they to this day responded with an answer providing any factual or credible evidence of any of my content promoting, inciting or otherwise violating “YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech”…


Of course, YouTube is their stage and they make the rules, I’m a guest on their “playground” so my hands are tied in that sense but I just want to show all of YOU what is really going on out here. Youtube allows all sorts of degeneracy, violence, hatred and perversion on their platform which they do not even bother to address, but as soon as someone starts speaking any kind of truth or even hinting at it, with regards to the Jews, their history, present or future plans, such content is an immediate threat to the community and ought to be stuck down for hate speech(with no evidence of suchness whatsoever). They couldn’t provide a single shred of factual evidence to show and prove their allegations, but since "they don’t need to answer to me," they can just take whatever they decide that the Gentiles and Goyim need not hear or see and call it “hate speech.” Without explanation, without evidence, they will strike you, ban you, suspend, block and terminate you and this is how they will try to contain the truth.

So what is it that I was posting that terrified the Jews so much that they decided it’d be better for the community that my content ceased to exist…?

My YouTube channel for those of you that don’t know was sort of a back up channel for the channels and videos that have been previously censored, blocked and removed from the platform or even the world wide web in general. Much of my content included the works of Eric Dubay on topics like Flat Earth, Freemasonry and all of their dirty tricks, lies and fraud, the Jew World Order and other such topics. I had backed-up almost 200 videos that brought light to topics like Flat Earth; the truth about: Adolf Hitler, World War Two, the Jewish Holocaust hoax; evidence and proof of Jewish ritual murder and blood sacrifice; the Talmud; Jewish supremacy, corruption and demoralization of the Gentile and Goyim masses; Jewish world domination and control of the (Jew)merica; as well as warnings and instructional messages from the great men of the world, Jewish defectors and whistleblowers, over the centuries that have sacrificed their lives to expose and warn the Gentiles and Goyim of the true nature of their masters; as well as other factually proved and confirmed conspiracies. None of my content however, (no matter how much it was deserved or would be justified) called for hatred or violence against the Jews.

As Henry Ford rightfully pointed out in 1920, “There is nothing that the international Jew fears so much as the truth or any hint of the truth about him or his plans” - The International Jew, Volume 1, pg. 200

Of course, this incident had absolutely nothing to do with hate speech or any kind of harm to anyone whatsoever but the harm that comes to the Jew from a Gentile speaking the truth about him and his plans. As such, the filthy Gentile must be shut down pronto. Heavens forbid other Gentiles and Goyim learn the truth and wake up to the atrocities and terror brought about by the tyranny and delusion of their slave masters. With trillions of dollars and centuries of time invested in these lies it is no wonder that ‘JUDEA’ DECLARED WAR ON TRUTH!

On December 12th 2017, organized Jewry decided to shut down the greatest and most fearless voice in the REAL truth community, someone who I’m delighted to call a dear friend, Eric Dubay. Over the last several years he become the SINGLE GREATEST THREAT to the Jew World Order and the plans of the Jew to exterminate the Gentile and Goyim masses and enslave the remaining. Eric’s Youtube channel of 7+ years, over 135,000 subscribers and almost 30 millions views was, terminated after a single strike of “hate speech” when Youtube’s own policy is to give users of the platform 3 strikes prior to such measures.

Eric Dubay Banned From YouTube:

The alleged “hate speech” claim, came for Eric’s documentary “Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order.” Watch here:

This documentary is a compilation of a number of incredible educational and historically factual pieces put together by Eric which told the hidden from the masses, true story of what Adolf Hitler actually was and what it was that he was fighting. Eric does not utter a single word in the documentary, nor does any part of it call for hate or violence of any kind. Over the years that it was up, the documentary accumulated hundreds of thousands of views. So what was it that caused Susan Wojcicki’s sudden change of heart?

One hour prior to the termination of Eric’s channel, Joe Rogan had confirmed a Flat Earth debate between himself, Eric and freemason and "astrophysicist," Neil deGrasse Tyson. This debate had been a request of Eric’s to Joe for years and finally it was agreed upon and scheduled. One hour after it was confirmed, Eric’s youtube channel will all of his Flat Earth content was terminated. 7+ years of work was lost and hidden from the masses in a cheap shot attempt to silence and shut Eric down. Of course like all the dirty tricks of the Jews this only backfired as the TRUE flat earth community is growing exponentially with every passing day. Both Joe and Neil have since been lying about the “Eric Dubay debate” by claiming on numerous occasion that Eric was rescheduled for a new date, but not even so much as contacting him regarding such matters.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan LIE About Eric Dubay Debate:

The reason I share these stories with you is to impress upon you a sense of urgency and to bring to light the matters which organized Jewry is attempting to conceal from you. Such behavior patterns can only be compared to those of cockroaches. These insects are unique in that they only operate in the darkness. As soon as the light hits them, they scatter every which way, away from it. Such are the characteristics of organized Jewry.

Please make some time to familiarize yourself with what I’m telling you here right now. If this is what they are censoring and hiding from all of you, learning this truth should be a priority and I hope it will be.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

I will announce my new social media/content sharing platforms in my next post but until then, please check out the following links for more on this topic.

Thank you for your time!

Eric Dubay and IFERS Banned From the Internet:

YouTube Covertly Censoring Truth Channels:

For more information on the above discussed and other highly censored topics please visit Eric's site and blogs below:

Subscribe to his YouTube channel for amazing video content:

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