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RE: ‘Mother Jones’ Senior Reporter Asks Medium To Silence Antiwar Leftists

in #censorship2 years ago

Hi Caitlin,

It's really sad to see Shane Bauer become this kind of shill for establishment propaganda. With every story Democracy Now did about what he went through in Iranian prison, making him sound like a peace-loving, free thinking journalist, one has to wonder what the hell happened. To love democracy is to be willing to fight for the voices of people you don't agree with. On principle. Based on what I'm hearing from him, sounds like he would have advocated silencing I.F. Stone. On the bright side, I think your impact is increasing. They are losing control of the narrative and you've genuinely helped wrest it from their hands.


Democracy Now is a limited hangout. They do some good work, but they only put that out to trick you into putting trust in them. The reality is that they lie by omission just like all of the corporate media, the only difference being that they cover some material really well and that can earn them undue trust. Be mindful of the trust you place in organizations and whether they really deserve that much trust.

You're absolutely right. It's always a good idea to with-hold trust in any media organization. In the last year or two, I started to notice a shift in how DN was covering the news, especially around Syria. It was disheartening but sent me on a hunt for more and better media sources. Cheers.