Activist-News is loosing the censorship battle and will be trying different platforms

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Greetings! As some of you might already know, big waves of censorship have been sweeping across major platforms like YouTube and Facebook, In fact, its the reason I started to use steemit and Patreon. Well things are not getting any better, in fact they are getting worse. The Activist-News Facebook page was closed down permanently, it wasn't long after this when my 7 year old ID verified REAL facebook account was permanently closed down. Since this time, I have been having an uphill battle with my viewer count and monetization eligibility on YouTube. I have also had someone on steemit who claims to be a (((professional flagger))) stalk my account and flag it every single time I have a post mentioning words like 'Jew', 'goyim' or 'Israeli apartheid', they seem to trigger my posts being removed from steemit and shadowed out completely! It seems to me that I have nowhere to speak my voice online freely anymore, unless I wish to utilize platforms where nobody will hear me talk.
I have since opened up a account and am averaging 5 views per video... this is the cost of telling the truth online it seems. If you would like to see me remain on steemit and fight it out, be sure to upvote and comment, cheers! account -->

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