Happy (Belated) St. Brigid’s Day

Today — well, a couple days ago — is the Irish holiday, ‘Saint Brigid’s Day.’ Though her origins are obscure, she is generally regarded as being an early proponent, teacher, and evangelist of the Irish church (circa 450 A.D.). Brigid is often depicted as carrying a torch or lantern — a carrier of the Light — and she is strongly associated with the creative arts of poetry, music, and scribal illumination, even having founded and managed her own monastery in county Kildare devoted to the dissemination and learning of them.

Traditionally, this day is used for praying over and blessing the home, as Brigid’s other association is over the home (properly, the ‘hearth’ where the fire is kept, because a home without a fire going is merely a house), and it is common to build crosses out of rushes or reeds to hang over the doorway as part of the blessing.

May the Lord send angels of protection to patrol around your house’s borders,
Turning back any that would seek to do you ill
And May He pour out a blessing upon those who dwell in your house
Such that your hands cannot contain it.

Be blessed, fellow travelers on the journey. ❤️

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