Daily challenge initaited by @sirknight Monday: Darkness

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A BIG thanks to my mentor @Sirknight for initiating this challenge. more strength to the steem church.

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Hi Steemians, hope you are doing good?
The issue of darkness is one that generates fear in some people because, it sometimes evokes some imaginary sights and thoughts.
Darkness disappears when it sees light because it can't withstand or comprehend light.
Darkness is the absence of light and so does not allow anyone to work or more freely, otherwise, one may stumble and fall and so it slows down activities.
The evil people love darkness, because it enables them perpetuate evil. That is why it signifies a time of danger.
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Darkness is not all about evil. It is a good time for birds like the bats to see clearly and fly. It is a time when people can lay down to rest every part of the body.
It is also a time for the moon to shine, so darkness has its own importance.

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