The Thank You Economy - Week 8 my Entry

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It is fun to take part in this contest. It really isn't just about saying thank you to people and someone is willing to reward you for that. It is really an amazing thing that you will really only see on steem. A big thank you to @coinsandchains for doing this week and for his sponsors @ecoinstant, @freedomshift, @simplegame check out any of their blogs for fun ways to win free steem. Also ways to meet new people.

This week I wanted to give a thank you to @blockurator for the work he is doing on steem. I found his blog though the Pay it Forward and ASAPERS Discords. He truly does what those groups are about and engages with your post. He reads it and gives a real answer and if you start to talk to him about it he continues answer. On top of that he puts out great content. Becoming a example for anyone that checks out his blog. He writes on so many different topics that it always makes it fun to visit is page. You don't get caught up in the same things over and over. He puts all his skills on display and if you really take the time you will learn this from his post. So Thank you again and keep it up @blockurator.

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Great way to express gratitude!

Your support of the platform is impressive, indeed.

Namaste, JaiChai

Please read A Simplified Guide and Update to #ccc carefully and acknowledge with your comment or question there.

Thank you!

Great, Sorry I forgot to comment earlier, it's been a rough couple of weeks.


No worries we all get busy from time to time.