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RE: What Do You Do With Butterflies? by @gertu

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Greetings @diosarich. He got the butterflies in the garden of his own house, how good !! Where there are flowers they are decorating the space. Thank you for making this colorful post.


I am glad that you like it. I do love butterflies and I laove taking pictures of them. Those photos are my compilation in my chrome gallery . I took them last year before my iPhone sucked. I still have lots of photos in my iPhone but sad I cannot transfer it on my Chrome Photo Gallery.

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ah, I thought they were new butterflies. that is, those precious ones no longer exist today. They still live in your images now. @diosarich

They are still around. I still see them in my Mom's garden, and there are new ones. The other day I saw a Monarch and the other one with blue-green in color. I do not know what species could it be. They are all beautiful. Here I will show you how they look like. I got the images from google.

This yellow one is so common in my Mom's garden, but I cannot take photos of them. The moment I come close it flies.. :(

I saw this kind the other day. It was bigger in size.

This lovely Ulysses butterfly I long to see again.

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Vaya, que estupendas imágenes. Tu cámara es genial y haces fotos muy nítidas. Que hermoso jardín con tantas maravillas de Dios. Gracias por mostrarme tus mariposas. Las llevastes al concurso de los jueves de @whatisnew?, es sobre mariposas y los insectos.

Wow, what great images. Your camera is great and you take very clear photos. What a beautiful garden with so many wonders of God. Thanks for showing me your butterflies. You took them to the @whatisnew Thursday contest? It's about butterflies and insects.

Oh, I did not know that @whatisnew has a contest on Butterflies and Insect. I will bear that in mind and will try to join the contest too. Thank you for the information.

Si @diosarich. El concurso de @whatisnew se publica todos los jueves. Tienes hermosas mariposas, compártelas allí. Claro poco a poco. También incluye insectos. Es muy agradable participar con ellos.

Yes @diosarich. The @whatisnew contest is published every Thursday. You have beautiful butterflies, share them there. Sure little by little. It also includes insects. It is very nice to participate with them.

Thanks for inviting me @gertu. I'll check their blog

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