What is the key to SUCCESS❓

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What is the key to SUCCESS❓

1) It depends on what is "SUCCESS" to you❗

2) "the key to success is not having the right answers but knowing to ask the right questions" - @freedomshift source 1 and source 2

3) "If You Want Success, Figure Out The Price, Then Pay it -Thomas Oppong" source

If you google "What is the key to SUCCESS", you'll get promotional materials from authors and publishers that you are most familiar with.

If you google "the key to success is not having the right answer but knowing the right question steemit.com freedomshift", you'll get:

Google "the key to success - find out the price and pay it"

So, What is Success to YOU❓
[Note: "What is Success❓" is a future topic]

Thank you for reading and watching❗

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Hello dear friend @freedomshift.

This is the eternal question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives.

Certainly success is a totally subjective and relative concept at the same time. According to what you consider most important, you will say that you succeeded or you will say that you failed.

Then consider that:

  1. It depends on what is "SUCCESS" to you

It would be a totally valid approach.

All best, Piotr.

Thank you for your comments!
I'll expand on the point - "What is Success?" - in a following post.

Dear @freedomshift

Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for replying so late.

May I ask you for little favour? I'm not sure if I did ask you about it already or not (hope I'm not repeating myself).

Could you please check out also my recent post if you have few min and share your thoughts on questions related to concept of "introducing steem blockchain to businesses":

Your feedback is always appreciated ;) And I will upvote most valuable comment with 100-200k SP coming from project.hope account.
Yours, Piotr

You can never answer this question if you do not know what success means to you as a person. To you, it might be getting rich, to someone else being famous.

We all end up the same which is dead. You cannot take success with you plus in most cases, you became successful over someone else's "back".

You need a partner so you can do what you like to achieve your goal, you need (stupid) buyers who pay what you ask, etc.

Once ill and rotten in your bed success seldom counts, you start asking yourself what you really achieved, did with your life. I came to that point years ago and I am not the only one. I don't know what success means to me, there is no need to achieve a goal or even more. I do not see the benefit of it so why wasting the bit of energy I have left on something useless as being successful?

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Thank you for your comments!
I'll expand on the point - "What is Success?" - in a following post.

@freedomshift I look forward to it and hope you succeed!❤️

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Thank you!